Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Guide to Defeating the Daycare

Save yourself from an aneurysm! Video references, and some easy tips and tricks that you might not have noticed yet.

How to Defeat the Daycare

Note: Credit goes to *Mute

Quick Introduction

This is quite an intense section. It really tests your spatial awareness, and while it doesn’t have to be that tricky.. if you try and do it through brute-force (attempt after attempt) you might burn out.

Useful Tidbits

  • The Disabled Save Terminal by the Security Desk: Activates after a few failed attempts.
  • Flashlight Upgrade: Can be found in the at the edge of the Daycare, in a tower past the ball-pit, past where Sunrise dives into the room. Below is a video, be sure to distract him if you go for it.
  • Catching your Bearings: You can explore anywhere above ground prior to beginning the event. This means you can explore the play-set and figure layout.. out, so long as you have some elevation. The play-set feels much bigger in the dark; but it’s still an absolute maze.
  • Enemy Movement: Moondrop spawns and unspawns very sporadically and rapidly. You may notice this as you encounter him through the game past this point -he effectively teleports.


This is probably going to be especially useful for visual learners. It’s been my experience this event is ridiculously easier following one. I would recommend shift-tabbing, and using the video below in the Overlay Browser.

Tab in and out, unpausing and pausing the video, copy what you see, repeat.

Much-needed patches are probably coming for the game. If any touch AI the aggression of Moondrop might change.. at any rate, the route stays the same.

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