Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Gregory’s Halberd Moveset Guide

In this guide, we cover the basic moveset of one of the harder weapons in the game. The halberd, though tricky, is one of the most versatile weapons in the game, and is easily scalable on harder difficulties.

Basic Anti Elite Combo

The first moveset is the basic anti elite combo. Refer to the first two images.

On the first stab, we do one heavy attack

And then follow it up with a light attack.


By doing this, we only use the pike end of the polearm, which has armour piercing/headshot damage. There is no block cancellation necessary, just heavy-light-repeat.

Crowd / Horde Control

One of the most important parts of the halberd is its superior cleave when dealing with unarmoured enemies.

First perform a light attack.

Then quickly block with right click.


By doing this, you are effectively chaining the first light attack repeatedly, which is the only attack with a sweep. Without block cancellation, you will do a cleave, and then two ineffective anti elite attacks after. It also helps to flick your mouse to the left as this physically moves the attack angle, generating better cleave potential.

Advanced Anti Elite / Boss With Example

Although the basic anti elite combo serves fine, there is a more complex combo which has more damage potential if executed correctly.


Start with the basic heavy-light, but then do a push block attack, followed by a light attack and ending on a heavy attack. I.e heavy-light-pushattack-light-heavy.

Example (push attack stance):

Ending on a heavy:


Now, the halberd moveset takes some practice. I would recommend running Roxy Raceway a couple of times to practice, as there is plenty of STAFF bot fodder, great kiting routes/chokepoints at the start and Roxanne Wolf seems to be the easiest to catch on a parry.

It’s also worth stating that Montgomery Gator is HIGHLY resistant to melee. Especially following the Ghulmagak mission which was (allegedly) marked on your fazmap. Although the halberd is defensive, another player running ranged support might be necessary. Now get out there and clear a path!

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