Fault – Favor & Feats

An elaboration into the Favor system.

The Breakdown

The Feat system allows a player to gain strength by achieving milestones during a match. These milestones are called Feats and the strength you receive is in the form of Favor.

First let’s talk about the Feats.

Personal Feats award Favor to yourself.

Personal Feats include:

  • Every 35 last hits that you have done on minions.
  • Every 7 combined kills and assists from you.
  • Getting the last hit on a Raptor.

Team Feats award Favor to the whole team.

Team Feats include:

  • Taking on Prime and your team getting last hit.
  • First team to destroy the first enemy Tower. Think of it as First Blood but with Towers.

Favor isn’t the same for your teammates. They will have different Favor bonuses at the top than you do. Keep that in mind.

Once you have acquired Favor you can then allocate each point into one of the Aspect factions you selected to at the beginning of the game.

Example: If the two Aspects you chose were from the Black and Green factions you will only be able to allocate Favor into those factions. To do this you open the store and click the plus button next to the faction color you want to rank up.

You are automatically given one rank in the designated faction for each Aspect you chose as well as for the each Legendary item you buy. Having high Favor and a faction increases the power of that factions Legendary items as indicated by the item color. If you look in each items description you can see which data is improved by the faction rank of that item’s color.

These are an example of a couple of Red faction’s Legendary items. It’s the colored items at the end of the item build tree in the shop. “Rank” and “Favor” in the top photo mean the exact same thing.

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