FATE: The Traitor Soul – Beginner’s Guide to Hardcore Mode

This is mostly a video guide but with text on general ideas needed to get a good start when playing Hardcore mode in Fate the Traitor Soul. Also includes gameplay if things go right!

Hardcore Mode Guide

Tips To “Git Gud” at Hardcore Mode

  1. Go to GROVE (the left most realm portal), then buy a fishing pole from Bartleby or Getts the Traveler to the right of town.
  2. Go to the pier and go fishing and sell any fish you don’t like.

While fishing, one of 3 things will happen:

  • You get a fish (keep ones that turn your pet into a creature with high strength value).
  • You get a fish that coughs up a gem or a piece of jewelry (just sell them).
  • You get a fish that coughs up a rare yellow artifact item (Jackpot baby! Identify, and sell it to get rich).

If you get gems and jewelry, sell them. If you get a Yellow-bordered item, use identify scrolls on it and sell them. This will take time so be patient.

  1. When you feel confident, go to Zim (the robin hood looking guy in front of a huge building near the fountain). He has expensive stuff but once you sell enough artifacts, you should be able to buy a weapon that is not too expensive and get lucky with insane enchantments (preferably with high elemental damage buffs to wipe out enemies with).
  2. Any leftover gold should be spent on armor and spells based on playstyle.
  3. Only accept quests pertaining to level 1. If you can’t find 3 of them, save and exit and keep refreshing till you do. You want to level up as much as possible.
  4. Hotkey your best fish and potions, you’ll need them.
  5. You’re set, but if you need clarification, check out my Youtube video on this below.

The Video That Makes Everything Come Together

Watch this video to get an idea of just how effective these tips are:

Happy Hunting and Good Luck, Fellow Adventurers!

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