Farming Life – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

How to empty the potatoes from the harvester?

  • This seems to be a level-based oversight. You can buy a small harvester at level 5 or 6. But you cannot actually USE it until you reach level 9 and can buy the special driveway granary. This could probably addressed by just locking the harvester also at level 9…

How to sell the vehicle?

  • Near your farm is a small “parkhouse”. You have to sell it there.

Pick Up and employee stuck solution

  • Issue: First delivery, pick up stuck, employee can’t do anything. End of the game.
  • Solution: Ask to the truck to go somewhere else, it’s still stuck, then you need to save, and reload. When reloaded the truck is moving again and you can do the delivery.

How to make hay?

Actually, there are three diffrent solutions to this problem:

  • The first option is to buy hay in the trade center.
  • The second is to grow a field with grass, then build a grass dryer and produce hay.
  • The third is to buy grass in the trade center and produce hay.

What animals are present?

  • There are following animals in the game chicken, rabbit, pig, cow, horse, goat sheep, ostrich, goose, bee.

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