Fallout Shelter – How to Start

An easy guide to get started.

Quick Starter Guide

Do tasks and get a lunch box

Because you get weapons and amour, caps and dwellers (people) and if raiders attack add 3 dwellers that have weapons (preferbly guns) at the vault door.

How to get caps and items and amour

Do tasks and focus on ones that give you lunch boxes. only upgrade once then save your caps for more rooms.

How many people in room

  • 2 in living rooms.
  • 4 in power room (you need to combine the room).
  • 2 or 4 in water room.
  • 2 or 4 in food room.

Important stuff to know

  • Pick a layout for your vault.
  • Keep your vault small until you have enough dwellers (refer to title 3).
  • Equip all your dwellers with gear.
  • Equip the right outfits for the job.
  • Look out for the stranger a weird sound (a creepy one) will play and quickly look and click on him for rewards.

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