Fallout 4 – Loop Hoop Shot

This guide is mainly for vanilla game users (DLCs allowed and needed).

This guide shows you a way to make a lot of Nuka cade tickets without actually playing the darn Hoop Shot game.

All you have to do is building the Hoop-Loop (maybe I should TM this). After the thingy is set up, you just need to insert a coin, wait and collect your tickets when the game is over.


If you play on survival this might come in handy, since you can’t use console to add tickets.

At some point, player level 50 iirc, the price terminal gives you legendary plasma weapons, or other legendaries and sometimes X-01 power armor parts. It’s pretty random, I know.

But if you want to buy those rewards, you need a lot of tickets.

There are three ways to get them, find a few lying around, play the games and win some, or add them via console (Why would someone cheat?).

I kinda stumbled over this by burning through my junk from the workbench, buiding all sorts of crazy contraptions.

What Do We Need?

Base game with Nuka world dlc.

Workshop dlc, the one with conveyor belts.

You need to have access to the Nuka Cade building options.

A good amount of asorted junk, not so much this time.

Focus on rubber, steel and gears.

A working power supply and a ton of Nuka Cade Tokens.

Even ground to build on. The contraption isn’t large, two attached wooden floors should suffice.

I personally prefer the Sanctuary fundations for experimental building.


You have to build one elevator C-form from the conveyor belt options.

One conveyor belt without any attachments or supports and one sorter, any will do.

The sorter isn’t mandatory, but better have one and don’t need it, than need one and don’t have it.

The sorter is there to reduce the errors that the elevator produces over time and acts as power connection point.

Sometimes the basketballs fuse together in the elevator and you lose numbers, the sorter splits large amounts of items into single items.

Do not feed the sorter!

You can feed your basketballs into the elevator. You can only use green basketballs, the ones from the Nuka Cade. But you can build them via Nuka-World building options, if you can’t find enough.

Don’t Panic! It’s easy to build!

Build a small support for the elevator, either manually with a concrete fundation or with wooden floors.

First you place the elevator and put it on the support, then you attach the sorter at the top. The sorter has one input and two outputs, so it should just snap on. The conveyor belt snaps to the lower part of the elevator. Now you connect a power supply to the sorter. You can test it by grabbing a junk item and put it on the conveyor belt. It should be transported into the elevator, then into the sorter and fall right next to the conveyor belt. Now you place the Hoop-Shot close by. Grab the Hoop-Shot and (that’s the tricky part) slowly drag it under the conveyor belt.

Test the allignment with one basketball, feed into the elevator. This takes some time for correct placement but it’s totally worth it. If the ball hits the basket/ring, you’re almost there. You should save now and feed 10 balls into the elevator. Insert your Nuka Cade token when the first ball leaves the sorter. Wait for results. If every ball hits the basket/ring and gives the sound, your setup is perfect.

Last steps: Sometimes the balls are falling from the conveyor belt and roll away. Prevent this from happening by building some sort of border for the belt without covering your access to the token insert and ticket claim.

Final setup and Payout

I feed my elevator with 100 basketballs, but 50 should do the trick.

My payout is 300-400 Nuka Cade tickets per token and game. But I will set up a totall of 5 contraptions, so I don’t have to wait for a minute to collect only 300-400 tickets.

I tried to chain them together, but it makes little sense when you have to insert the tokens in every Hoop-Shot machine.

The Spark

Not everything starts as a progress. This was the first attempt, too lame, too big and the machine was stuck after 30 balls.

So, keep experimenting with stuff and have fun.

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