Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Treetop Tumble Guide

This guide will help u in qualing in treetop tumble (do keep in mind this is my strat and u can create ur own so plz see this if u really need to) or need help for any area in it.

Treetop Tumble Guide

First Part The Up And Down Route (And Slime Beams)

In this part, it is kinda simple. Firstly, if you are going from the top route, ALWAYS, ALWAYS go from the side (of the spinners) because then you will have a slightly less chance of getitng hit off the spinners things… and if you are going from the bottom, you can choose just any route. I like to jump from one platform (the one with the frogs on them) so i don’t have to jump up on the next platform.

The area with the jelly beam things, just get past the first, then then go forward avoiding all the others and get past the last ones.

The Next Two Routes (And How To Get Past Them)

In the jelly beam spinners wait for one to pass the go forward and jump over one jelly beam and…done! For the beam and fan spinner go onto it and when the gap comes go through the fan and walk forward…done! Use this for first part and second(in the beam area do jump the gap in the second part) and you are done.

Rhinos, Slides,Drums And Qualifications

In the rhino area try to avoid the rhinos and i dont know if we can but you can try to go on top of the thick bonkuses…. next i like to go on the drums but you can go from this slides and if you are going from the drums wait for the frog to get small if it is wait for it to go big then small then go or if you are i n a rush then just go and done!!

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