Fall Guys – How to Win the Final: Hex-A-Gone

Hello! this is a simple tutorial on how to either improve you skill, or win on the final: Hex-A-Gone.

How to Win the Final: Hex-A-Gone

Now their are 2 form when playing this final.


When you are playing offensive, you are trying to knock players down to another level of Hexagons.

Stuff to do when you are playing Offensive, offensive is only recommended when their are many other players on the save level as you.

Walk on tiles swiftly

This is so you are able to cut of players and knock them down to another level, as well as have players above you fall onto the next level for Hexagons.


When you are playing defensive, you are trying to stay on a level for as long as you can.

Defensive is only recommended when there is 1 or 2 people on the same level as you.

Tile Jumping

When you tile jump, your are trying to use 1 hexagon as slowly as possible, the way to perfectly time the jumps is when you first land on the Hexagon, you count to 1 or 1.5, this a lot helps you time your jumps much more easily.

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