Fall Guys – Fall Mountain Tips

Some tips for the final round fall mountain…

How Do Deal With The Giant Rolling Balls

What i do to get past this pretty easily is turn my camera angle up. This helps because then I cant see all of them coming down and start trying to dodge them. If a ball is about to run you over sometimes diving out can help it will still make your character be down but not as long as if you were to get hit.

How to Get Past The Hammers

On the multiple hammers try to stay right behind a hammer this always works on the single hammer at the end. It does take a lot of practice though. A little easier of a way is to stick to the far edges of the map because then you can ease your way in easier the single hammer at the end you can do the same.

Getting The Crown

Make sure before you get the crown your a GLIZZY to show all the players GLIZZY NATION is more powerful. anyways. if your behind someone you can dive. I havent tried diving towards it and won so I just play it safe and press space then grab the crown. Ive lost too many crowns I couldve had from diving. If you want to risk it try it I just dont suggest it its hard to pull off but practice makes perfect so do you.

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