Fall Guys – Beginners Tips and Tricks

Just a handful of tips and tricks.

Guide to Win All Games

Race Gamemode + Perfect Match


  1. If the see-saw is at a high incline with only one guy at the bottom. Dont hop on, you will die alongside those other people on the same see-saw.
  2. If you respawn and thee see-saw in front of your spawn-point is too high for your guy to reach, don’t wait, hop into the void. This will respawn you on the other side allowing you to progress again.

Hit Parade

  1. If you are in the back, just jump below immediately it’s less messy.
  2. At the big door, something to remember is that the sides can open up too.
  3. At the slime ramp, stick to the left or right side of the ramp.

Slime Climb

  1. Don’t rush yourself unless the goo is right behind you. Although this game got labelled “race” it’s just survival, you’re either in the lead or in the slime.

The Whirly-gig

  1. Use the first spinner to propel you forwards by going on the right side of it.
  2. You can jump on the ledge by pressing jump + grab, but if you are in the lead just jump on the yellow boxes.
  3. When headed for the shortcut, stick as close to the left as possible. This will highten your chance of making the shortcut.
  4. If you do fail the shortcut on got flung onto the platform on the right of the shortcut platform go onto the light blue portion of the platform nearest to the shortcut, then jump -> leap -> grab onto the ledge (P.s. You probably will not get it first try, so if you don’t do checkpoint 3 again).

Fruit Chute

  1. Stick near the far left side or the far right side.

Door Dash

  1. Jump through the doors and not leap.
  2. Only jump+leap at the end at the cliff.
  3. If you got first place on this one, turn off the game and go play the lottery immediately.


  1. The shaky platforms are the fakes. Use that knowledge to more accurately predict the route.
  2. If you are at the second to last column of platforms, jump+leap onto the edge, even if you just barely touch the edge you should be just fine to reach the finish.

Perfect Match

  1. Go to the side without the screen and look on all of the tiles to more effectively remember them.
  2. If you forgot which platform is which, just jump towards the nearest crowd.



  1. I get how boring this gamemode is, but don’t rush it and remember to stick to the far left or the far right sides as those are the sides that move the slowest.

Jump Club

  1. Go counter clockwise so you are jumping over the bar more (the reason this is better than running normally is because there are less times where both the green and red bar are at the same spot and about to knock you off the edge).

Tail tag

  1. This one applies for all tail tag games) but turn on nametags. this basically gives you wallhacks but with nametags only.

Team Games

Rock N’ Roll

  1. I’m going to go off on a bit of a tangent here so here goes.
  2. If your team’s ball is not at the edge, don’t go off and play defense. I don’t care how far behind your team’s ball is. Playing defense is not going to help your teams ball go faster, it will even put your team at more of a disadvantage because you can help the ball roll faster, but you are not doing that. The leading teams will play defense with each other anyway so it doesn’t matter. The only accpetable time to play defense is when your ball is over the edge and so is another teams.
  3. There, I’ve said it.

Egg Scramble

  1. Bully the team with the lowest amount of points.
  2. If your team is the team with the lowest amount of points, make sure there is an equal amount of people gathering eggs and staying at the nest to protect from bullies.

Team Tail Tag

  1. Again, turn on nametags.
  2. If you don’t have a tail. Wait behind the walls in the lower hallways for some-one for with a tail to come through (this is exceptionally helpful with nametags turned non)


Fall Mountain

  1. Go through the left side of the mountain and not the right.
  2. If you get stunned and are not close to the stairs leading to the crown, don’t leave the show immediately. you won’t get points if you do.


  1. Playing aggressively is the objectively superior method until you are on the last layer.
  2. Watch out for good places to land if and when you do fall.

Royal Fumble

  1. Turn on nametags.
  2. Hiding and waiting is the superior strategy for this gamemode.
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