Fall Guys – Beating Slime Climb (Tips & Tricks)

Eyo! This guide is for those struggeling with Slime Climb. This guides turns you into a CHAMP who schmooves their way straight to the top!

Before You Start Climbing!

I’ve added 2 kind of arrows on the screenshots below:

  • Green Arrow = safe and easy
  • Red Arrow = hard or tricky (or both)

Your biggest obstacle realistically are the other Beans. They can often mess you up.

Alright, let’s go!

Part 1: The Start

At the start as seen on the screenshot below you’ll see 2 Bouncy Pads straight ahead.


Instead of walking all the way around you’ll want to jump on top of the ledge between the 2 yellow Bouncy Pads (might require diving the closer you are to the bottom).


You can also instead jump on the first Bouncy Pad (as shown on the screenshot) and launch yourself on top of the platform. This can be tricky since you may fall, bounce off, don’t have enough momentum, or too many players try to do it.

The pushy blocks are straight forward, don’t try to run through if you’re not gonna make it.

Part 2: Roly Poly Hill

Just run up the hill as normal preferably hug the right side but dodge if necessary.

Instead of running around the pole on the end, you WANT to enter the LAST HOLE (see screenshot). When the Pushy goes back in take your chance and jump over to the next part.

Part 3: Donut Treadmills

As you’re walking up the ramp after the Pushies you’ll want to jump on the treadmill and run slightly to the top right so you don’t fall off. You’ll want to go to the top right ideally near the bottom of the first yellow sausage.


You can boost yourself on the donuts if you let them hit you as they’re moving back towards the wall (see screenshot).

Go to where the first yellow sausage connects to the ramp, Jump and Dive on top of the ramp. Now move up the yellow sausages by staying on the middle and avoiding sliding off the edges.

Part 4: Hammer Field

As you jump off the last yellow sausage you want to sorta make an U-Turn and Jump on the ledge to the next bit. (you can Dive to make sure you make it, just don’t slide into the hammer).

Great! You made it this far, now you got 2 options again!

EASY PATH (Recommended)

You’ll want the make your way over towards the wall in-between the first and second Pushy. When you’re nearing the wall you’ll want to Jump and Dive (Don’t dive too early) in between the first and second Pushy. Continue as normal.

HARD AND TRICKY PATH (Don’t Recommend)

For you daredevils out there you can jump on the third spinning hammer as the hammer is closest to the wall and jump off of the hammer on the ledge in-between the third and fourth Pushy (see screenshot).

I really do not recommend doing this, it’s quite tricky and a waste of time.
But +50 extra Schmoove points for those who manage to pull it off.

Part 5: Final Donut Field

This part is straight forward, I personally always stay to the left side and weave through the middle if needed. All you can really do it look at the Donuts and avoid them.

If you feel like you’re going to hit a Donut just turn back so you slow down. Be patient.

I do not recommend diving here just for safety.

Final Part: Wrecking Balls

You’ve almost made it!

All I can say here is be patient and turn your camera as seen in the screenshot below in the direction so you can see both balls. (They’re moving away from me in the screenshot).

Extra Video Showcase

Video I made to showcase the basics in this guide, screenshots have been taken from this video.

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