EVERSPACE 2 – What Kind of Ship Should I Choose?

Choosing the Best Ship

Biggest highlights for me at endgame (level 26 working towards 30, highest rift cleared 750 lunacy);

++ Stinger: Probably the strongest feeling of the lot at Tier IV, but requires high level so you can max your devices, as well as crafting for Utility. More primary weapon damage output than Gunship but less than ULTspam Inty, EMP(Reset/Short) + Annihilation + Nano Transmitter(Carefree) gives you effectively infinite survivability when paired with shield and cloak passives.

+ Scout: Range is probably one of the most understated resources in the game since no enemy has engagement ability outside of 3km, and Scout can lay into them from more than double that distance. Being able to punch at mid-range with the higher output weapons is also nice, though optimal play can get boring since you’ll spend most of your time running away.

+ Bomber: 2 main playstyles I’ve seen to be effective are Cruise Missile spam and Mine spam. Cruise Missiles are self-explanatory, Mines are silly good explody fun when you tether to a rock and spin around erratically while ♥ out 3 types of mines until everything’s dead.

++ Inty: Turn on ULT, Gauss everything down. That is all.

– Vindi: Overtuned in regular low-mid level play, but drones seem to go down way too quick on higher Lunacy and self-destruct doesn’t seem to hit particularly hard. Upkeep turns into a bit of a chore, and you can’t forego it or you melt. I just got the legendary Decoy shield so will experiment more.

Everything else seems to fall off terribly hard at higher Lunacy and/or weren’t viable to begin with, but am still testing stuff out.

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