EVERSPACE 2 – Tips for Choosing Ship

When to Buy a New Ship?

Whenever you can. Wheter you want the same type or not is up to you, but the starting ship only carries so far.

Each classes palys differently, so keep those in mind. We usually divid them in 3 catergories to make it easier to remember basic stats.

Light Ship

Ships like the stinger or vangard that require a very aggressive playstyle, as killing target and moving is what keeps you alive. Generally very fast with exellent handling but about as solid as a rotten fruit thrown to a wall

Medium Class

Striker comes to mind for this, those ships are usually a combination between moderatly sturdy and with a good handling, cattering to about every kind of playstyle, aggressive or defensive.

A good choice, espescially for a beginner because it force you to get a good grip on steering to use them but are not too punishing either, which let’s people learn the rope. It can carry you through the entire game with no problem.

Heavy Ship

Vindicator, gunship and bombers are the heavy trio, with 3 very different playstyle, and the common points that they are all extrems in their own domains.

If you want to learn more about the Vindicator (Drone Carrier), check this ultimate guide

That have a terrible handling and make for slow easy target, but make up in armor and hp. Essentially, you hit like a truck, while ironically being both the sturdiest and most fragile class of the game as you’ll get shot a lot more often than any other classes. The bomber for example uses the secondary weapons in priority, so maintaining stocks gets costy, but you have the added benefice of obliterating everything that is not a cruiser in one shot.

I haven’t mentionned every class of course, but as you see you have about a taste of everything when it comes to mass destruction.

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