EVERSPACE 2 – Heavy Ship Tips

Tips for Heavy Ship

Just a tip that seems to work well for me if you’re going heavy class, the best devices IMO are:

  • 1) EMP with Shield Recharge Mastery
  • 2) Armor Heal
  • 3) Hull Heal

With those three devices you basically become a monster in both offense and in defense. While you’re slow and take a lot of hits you can basically keep all three of your defensive systems healed up. The EMP restores 10% shields for every enemy hit. And the other two basically do what they say and keep your other defenses topped up.

I use the gunship so with it’s native 4 weapon hardpoints you also have great firepower and when you get a little overwhelmed pop your turret and basically everything dies.

Was having trouble with high risk areas until I started running this setup and now can basically just fly into the middle and tank everything and murder every enemy in the area.

Oh and when you get a high enough tier ship with 4 devices:

  • 4) The device that propels you forward for a few seconds

This way if things do get too hairy you can escape and get some breathing room to heal up your defenses.

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