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This build focus on speed. Craft your Guitar and be ready for the Hotel fight for tree of life. Skill amp Hart is fun and very strong early game. She will hit power spike after power spike after finish each item. After that she kinda fall off. Her kit still allow you to fight most people but the more the game drag to late people will get tanky enough and will be harder and harder to kill. On the other hand if you want to chase anyone down with Glacial shoe and Rocker’s Jacket you can chase them and they will never get away.


Note: Credit goes to kumri_iko

Hart is an interesting character with evolution mechanic which on paper allow you to customize her freely. However the evolution point is very limited (only 3) and most of the time you want to put at least 1 point into your Q so you are left with only 2 point. That roughly translated into 3 Hart play styles.


ENAD = Extra normal attack damage

You use evolution for your Passive so you get 2 more attack each time you auto attack. Also that 2 extra attack work with ENAD so you want to stack your build with ENAD and deal lots of damage.

Crit Hart

You use evolution point on W? or Passive? Looks nice on paper but it just feel weird to play with. You don’t get power spike with W evolution. If you put evolution point into Passive it doesn’t feel synergize that well with with Crit.

Skill Amp Hart

You use evolution point on your E which make your skill damage higher. Your power spike is pretty good after your weapon and continue to have better damage after each item. She will fall off after everyone get a little more tanky and at end game she can’t kill people as easily anymore.

This guide will be for Skill Amp Hart. We do build items that give attack power instead of skill amp but it still increase the skill damage which is fine. We also want to make our item as fast as possible in day 1 since our goal is to get the first tree of life. If everything is going well we can also change our build a bit and go for the second tree of life in a forest too.



You shoot a small fast projectile forward dealing damage to enemy.


Your Q will get ‘slow’ effect added. Put in 2 points and the slow will be stronger.


You buff yourself and gain attack power for a short while.


Your W will reduce enemy defense. Put in 2 points and you reduce even more defense.


Heart do a mini jump which can be cast 3 times. This will deal damage to the nearest target.


Your E will give damage Amp. Put in 2 points for even more damage Amp.


Hart will do a concert and create a safe zone where everyone in the zone got their movement speed reduce and can’t attack or use any skill.


Your R will have SP reduction effect. Put in 2 points for even more SP reduction.


Your auto attack will gain SP back. It also work with extra attack from Evolution of your passive.


Your Auto attack will have 1 extra attack. Put in 2 points for 1 more extra attack.(1 + 1 + 1 = 3 attack for each auto attack)

This is one of the best weapon item in the game. You shoot a heart beam which is similar to your Q but a little bit slower. If landed it will charm your enemy making them unable to do anything and their movement speed reduced for a short while. This is your chance to attack.

Skill Order

Start E then you max Q and E both are fine to max first.

You put in R when you feel like you need it or when Q and E are max. Then max R next.

Then max W which is hard to use and give very little damage increase to this build. Then you can put the rest of the point into Passive which is kinda useless in this build.


Build idea and goal

Our goal in this route is at least a finish weapon our Purple Haze within day 1(before night time) and be ready to fight for first tree of life at hotel. If you got delayed just skip hotel and go to beach first. Use this night time to finish more item and be ready to fight for second tree of life instead.


You only need Paper gems and cloth will make you get other item faster. You can get Uchiwa done and repaired slipper which will be turn into glacial shoe after you get tree of life. If you see a lot people at temple try to stay until the countdown is very low some people may leave. If no one leave you can go to chapel instead. We can also go to archery range too.

After you get Paper just go straight to teleporter only search boxes along the way


Hopefully people aren’t taking all the lighter yet. You only need a lighter and a scissors. Stay here as long as you like. If you are lucky you’ll get all your item. Now go to the forest and grab stone on the way to craft your helmet.


Here we want 1 Pickaxe and 1 gemstone. Craft your Purple Haze here. Evolution point are 1 into Q and 2 into E.

Hotel At night 1

Well if you are fast enough to finish your Purple Haze you can go to grab a tree of life. Fight anyone and kill them if they want your tree of life. Craft your glacial shoe then get the rest of item from hotel and just go to beach and finish your build.

Forest tree of life?

You can swap out your sword of shah and just build bracelet of skadi which is a better item. It will be greedy but it possible. Your helmet should also be change into something else too. You can start getting gem and pickaxe to craft either crown or Imperial Burgonet

Endgame Items

Pretty much this. You should have 1 healing reduction in your build. With Rocker’s jacket you have to auto attack too to get the effect.

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