Electro Ride: The Neon Racing – Official F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired the team to make Electro Ride?

For 2010 I’m driving ’89 Fiat 125p… And I can’t get that car in any game. Same with most of East Bloc cars so… I’m making a game specialy for them.

What is Electro Ride?

It’s arcade racing game with cars from Soviet side of the Iron Courtinie but with neons and colorsensitive nitro stripes.

Which platform(s) will Electro Ride be released on?

10 July 2020 we’ll released full Windows PC version on Steam. After that we’ll start working on Mac and Linux version. Nintendo Switch version is in production.

What game engine did you guys use in making Electro Ride?

We are using Unity 3D

Will Electro ride will be free to play once it’s released?

Only Electro Ride Prologue will be free. It’s like Demo: quick race, tutorial, 2 first cars, 2 tracks in East Berlin.

Will the game soundtrack be available for everyone? And if so, are content creators allowed to use them?

Music was composed specialy for our game. If you would like to listen soundtrack in you car or other mp3 player could buy it in bundle on the game store page.

How many cars will be available in the game?

21 cars. 5 from Poland, 4 from Bulgaria/Romania, 4 from Czechoslovakia, 4 from East Germany and 4 from Soviet Russia.

Will there will be a DLC cars for future update?

If game sales will be fine and we’ll have money for it. Yes. We have some ideas for DLC cars and tracks.

Will there be a future game updates to Electro Ride?

Yes I’m planing to update Electro Ride with some bugfixes and improvements.

Will there be multiplayer feature in Electro Ride?

Currently we have 2 players splitscreen. Online multiplayer? Meybe in future…

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