ELDEN RING – How to Defeat Fire Giant as Mage (Easy Way)

How to Defeat Fire Giant

Do this. No spirits. No mount.

Stand under him. Use Meteorite, not Meteorite of Astel.

Since you’re lower level, perhaps it would take 3 minutes instead of 2.

And ignore Rennala’s Full Moon and Terra Magica. I was a noob and didn’t yet understand that Gravity Sorceries didn’t benefit from those debuffs. Also, Fire Giant has 0 physical and magical damage negation, so it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

Note: You can also try using the weapon art of wing of astel. Since he is such a big target, he gets hit by a lot of the explosions. To increase survivability, you can put on the fire absorption talisman and eat fireproof dried liver.

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