eFootball PES 2021 – 10 Useful Tips (Season Update)

How to be better at PES eFootball 2021 Season Update, even as FIFA Player.

Tips for Best Gaming


The camera angles in eFootball PES 2020 are offering a wide view of the pitch, IMHO “Stadium” is worth taking a look at. It allows you to read plays and attacks and gives you more space for creativity.

Form and stamina

Form and stamina have a drastic effect on player performance. Thats what you should think about!

Defensive positioning

Players are blocking shots very well. So if you want to deffent good, the easiest way is remain patient! Defensive positioning is more important than ever, be patient instant of pressing all the time with your player or/and AI will prevent plenty of goals.

Patient build-up

Spend much of your time in patient build-ups. This means pass backwards when needed, or spreading the ball wide. Rushing or Counter Attacks are not the best plan!

Avoid unrealistic passes

It sounds obvious, but getting used to this can take time! Even important: calculate each pass. How hard and far is more important than you may think. The same counts for shooting by the way

Variations in goal attemps

Do not only shot, shoot harder or with more precesion. Try a lop or a manual shot. That is a tougher challenge for goalies than just shooting left or right. Also, do not try the same trick all the time. One trick ponys are asier for oppenents to stop. The more you can do, the harder it is to beat you.

Advanced Instructions

Advanced Instructions can be given in the Game Plan screen, allowing you to assign various tactics to your squad. Use it and stick to the plan.

Play what your sqad can play

What it means is – Vidal is not Messi and Lewandowski is not Neymar. Do what your sqad can do, good to know the players you use!

Work on Finesse Dribble

Finesse Dribble can be activated with the right stick, easy! But way harder to get a perfected timing when you are facing an opponent one on one. Get used to it. Also use manual passing or shooting in some cases. You can easy use it with L2/LT. Some PES veterans may play using manual controls always, but I bet not all of you guys.

Learn how to Cancel

Pressing R1/RB and R2/RT to make your players instantly cancel the actions they were doing is so important. Not a lot of gamers are using it.

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