Dying Light 2 – Enhanced Mod

Dying Light 2 Enhanced is an experimental mod which aims to improve the overall visual quality of the game.

What Does This Mod Do?

Below you can find a list of some features:

  • Adds more shadows casted by lights.
  • Adds more distant fog to Clear and Cloudy weathers along with other weather tweaks.
  • Adjusts the weather cycle so it rains more often at night time and foggy, overcast and storm weathers will have a higher chance of ocurring (Will unlock once you get to the second map).
  • Increases level of detail / draw distance for trees, shadows and other objects.
  • Increases zombie / AI density around the map.
  • Removes various post-processing filters such as lens flare, bloom, glows, streaks etc.
  • Slightly adjusts min. and max exposure values.
  • Slightly adjusts contrast and saturation (No need for ReShade or NVIDIA Filters).
  • Removes excessive air particles such as falling leaves, newspapers, glowing fireflies etc. but keeps some effects as well.
  • Attempts to unlock and use various graphical settings which may or may not work.
  • Various miscellaneous tweaks.

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