Dwarf Fortress – FPS Boost

Fix for Frame Rate Death

Teemo Frame rate death can be managed in a few ways on the user end:

  • Smaller game world (New world only)
  • Shorter world history (New world only)
  • Turn off weather simulation (File option)
  • Smaller fortress size (New fortress only)
  • Fewer dwarf citizens, pets and visitors (File option; In-Game action)
  • Smaller sieging army size (File option)
  • Produce/create fewer items, armor, weapons, etc (In-Game action)
  • Destroy or trade away unwanted items, etc (In-Game action)
  • Turn off temperature calculations (File option)
  • Fortress design to optimize path finding (In-Game action)
  • Limit the free flow of large bodies of liquids so they quickly stabilize as either full or empty tiles (In-Game action)

But of course, there’s always going to be a hard limit based on the game code and how it interacts with your computer hardware…

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