Din’s Legacy – Unlockable Scenario List

This guide lists all possible unlockable scenarios for Din’s Legacy, paired with a short description and states the minimum level required to generate each scenario.

List of Unlockable Scenarios


To unlock a scenario in Din’s Legacy, one must engage in one of the 56 possible random scenarios when generating a world. If the particular scenario is completed, it is added to the scenario list so that the player may enjoy the scenario again.

Some scenarios require a minimum level to generate. To successfully generate each scenario, it is suggested to do so with a character at level 20. If you are looking for a particular scenario, it is possible to abandon generated worlds until the particular scenario is generated.


  • Battle – 1 level, survive, can help good one side win, everyone wanders, and both are warring with each other (min level 10).
  • Bounty Hunters – no town, no clans, survive bounty hunters (min level 5).
  • Brawl – 1 person clans, small arena, everyone starts at war with each other (min level 10).
  • Chaos – multiple battles (min level 10).
  • Chase – similar to hunt, but also very high chance of running, fleeing, reinforcements, anything to escape (min level 10).
  • Clan Protector – protector of a good clan that isn’t yours – solve all quests, lose if destroyed, starts in starting town (min level 5).
  • Clans – normal world & clans.
  • Collapsing cave – get to bottom of cave, no clans (min level 10).
  • Conquest – normal world, clans, must destroy a random clan (min level 10).
  • Deathmatch – kill other clan leaders, 1 level (any), no monsters (min level 10).
  • Demigod – highest rarity monster (min level 10).
  • Demon Invasion – gates keep spawning uprisings, must quell gates & uprisings.
  • Diplomacy – get 2 clans to ally (min level 10).
  • Druids – Kill the renegade Druids.
  • Duel – you and one unique monster in a small arena, no monsters(min level 10).
  • Escape – get to bottom of dungeon, no clans (min level 10).
  • Extraction – escort back to town, npc will need more health than usual rescue/escort, no clans, extra ambushes (min level 10).
  • Fall of an Empire – 1 evil clan type that has multiple towns, have to destroy all of them (min level 10).
  • Fanatics – Kill the renegade Fanatics.
  • From the Deep – town, no outer world, dungeon/cave, solve all quests, lose if all town NPCs are killed (min level 5).
  • Gladiator – just 1 outdoor/underground area, no clans, invasion, survive short period, no monsters (min level 5).
  • Hero Quest – quest chains (min level 5).
  • Holy War – 1 each of good altars, 1 each of evil altars, destroy all of the evil altars, way more avatars than normal.
  • Hunt- some kind of renegade, doesn’t tell you level, search is fairly expensive and has much bigger range, can switch levels, wanders (min level 10).
  • Invasion – gates keep spawning uprisings, must quell gates & uprisings.
  • Masterminds – Kill the renegade Masterminds.
  • Mercenaries – Kill the renegade Mercenaries.
  • Monster Nemesis – only monster nemesis, no clans.
  • NPC Group – only npc group, no clans (min level 10).
  • NPC Nemesis – only npc nemesis, no clans.
  • Necromancers – Kill the renegade Necromancers.
  • Nightmare – Includes world modifiers: Noisy, Traps, Horror, MonsterTraps, Darkness, Chaos, Fear (req lvl 20).
  • No town – no town, otherwise normal world, & clans (min level 5).
  • Only 1 can survive – dungeon, must search & destroy other clan leaders, monsters (min level 10).
  • Orc Invasion – gates keep spawning uprisings, must quell gates & uprisings.
  • Outbreak – town only, some are infected with type 1 and type 2 infection, goal is to eliminate the infection (min level 10).
  • Overrun – town, lots of zombie town attacks, survive (min level 5).
  • Pirates – Kill the renegade Pirates.
  • Pyromancers – Kill the renegade Pyromancers.
  • Raiders – a bunch of uniques that are planning raids on the town (min level 5).
  • Real town – town with lots of NPCs and vendors, no clans (min level 5).
  • Sanctuary – Includes world modifier: LowStress.
  • Search and Destroy – 1 of each machine quest (min level 5).
  • Siege – full town, town attacks, sieges, assassins, etc. – must survive/keep npcs alive for y time (min level 5).
  • Sorcerers – Kill the renegade Sorcerers.
  • Spies – Kill the renegade Spies.
  • Survival – just 1 outdoor area, no clans, invasion, survive short period (min level 5).
  • The Gauntlet – less but harder monsters, tons of traps, get to the bottom level (min level 5).
  • Total War – normal area, tons of wars (monsters & clans) (min level 10).
  • Warlocks – Kill the renegade Warlocks.
  • Warriors – Kill the renegade Warriors.
  • Witches – Kill the renegade Witches.
  • Wizards – Kill the renegade Wizards.
  • World War – normal area, big clan war but mostly split good vs evil.
  • Zombie Invasion – gates keep spawning uprisings, must quell gates & uprisings.
  • Zombielord – zombie lord, uprisings, town, more zombies (min level 5).

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