Devils ‘n Dragons Arcade – Basic Guide

Here are the basics of the game briefly described.

Guide to Basics

Game Basics

  • The player has to pass through levels by killing enemies and performing platform jumps in an arcade style game like in the 80’s.
  • Player have to achieve a level by killing the boss. the final goal of the game is to kill the big devil

Player is protected by:

Armor class levels

  • 0 (no armor) 1 hitpoint protection.
  • 1 (metal armor) = 2 hit points protection.
  • 2 (jade armor) = 3 hit points protection.
  • 3 (sapphire armor) = 4 hit points protection.
  • 4 (ruby armor) = 5 hit points protection.
  • 5 (gold armor) = 6 hit points protection.

When player is hit he looses 1 hit point and so his armor class decrease the same amout (some enemies may have 2 weapons which deal 2 hit points dammages, such as some goblins).

Armor class is increased by:

Scoring (killing enemies)

  • 5000 points = metal armor.
  • 10000 points = jade armor.
  • 20000 points = sapphire armor.
  • 30000 points = ruby armor.
  • 50000 points = gold armor and extra life.
  • The points needed to get next armor class is displayed at top right of the screen.
  • Pick up the armor in a treasure chest.
  • Pick up the armor in a secret place.


  • 3 amethiste gems = metal armor.
  • 5 emerald gems = jade armor.
  • 10 sapphire gems = sapphire armor.
  • 15 ruby gems = ruby armor.
  • 20 yellow gems = gold armor.


  • 500 coins = metal armor.
  • 1000 coins = jade armor.
  • 2000 coins = sapphire armor.
  • 3000 coins = ruby armor.
  • 5000 coins = gold armor.

Armor Class Level

  • Improve by 1 the dammage your weapon inflict to enemies (jade armor = +2 dammages inflicted by your weapon).
  • Improve the speed of your weapon thrown.
  • Time of your magic shield protection by 1 armor class level.


  • Protection from evil: prevent 1 hitpoint loss when beeing touched by enemy.
  • Protection from normal missile: prevent 1 dammage received from enemy’s bullet.
  • Protection from fire: prevent 1 dammage done by fire.
  • Protection from magic missile: prevent 1 dammage done by magic bullet (will be added in the game asap).
  • Dispell magic: counter a spell targeted toward player.

Protection last is improved by 1 per armor class level.

Player weapon

  • Sword, spear, axe (2 damages), hammer (4 damages), bomb (10 damages), suriken (follow ground), dart (0.5 damages).

Weapons can be picked up in chest or pot or dropped by an enemy when killed.

The ammo amount is displayed at top left of the screen.

Tombs or some rock items when hit make spawn a ghost, after several hit, a mage appear and cast a spell who curse the player in a animal shape for a while.

But it may be the solution to access some place (for instance when you are a duck you can fly).

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