Detroit: Become Human – How to Fix Game Crash or Not Responding

First of all you should if your graphic card is you Nvidia and last update? You should downgrade the drivers here is the link to downgrade.

Best for Detroit: Become Human is Driver Version: 446.14 if you don’t know how to downgrade here is video:

If still you got the same problem…

Optimal or Best Graphics Settings for Detroit Become Human. The graphics or video settings we decided to go with:

  • Display Mode : Full Screen
  • Resolution Scale : 1.00
  • FPS Limit : 60
  • Vsync : Off
  • Visual Quality : Custom
  • Texture Quality : Low
  • Texture Filtering : Medium
  • Shadow Quality : Low
  • Model Quality : Low
  • Depth of Field : Low
  • Motion Blur : Off
  • Volumetric Lighting : Low
  • Screen Space Reflection : Off
  • Ambient Occlusion : Off
  • Bloom : Off

Now a lot of you might be thinking that all I did was set everything to low. The truth is there is no other option other than playing this game on the lowest settings. The game is extremely demanding and very poorly optimized. And it makes sense because this is just another port. And most of the ports don’t do well.

Even at the settings given above the game was struggling to run over 40 fps. Most of the time it was staying between 30-35. And the GTX 1050 ti is not a bad graphics card at all. And don’t even think about running this game on a GTX 1050 2GB or a GTX 750ti.

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