Demonologist – Beginners Tips

Getting Started as a Solo New Player

The beeping device, EMF

It’s to help you to know which room the ghost is in. And if it hits EMF Level 5 it would be an evidence. But if its not 5 you can just scratch it out from evidence. But it still help you locate where the ghost is so you can setup your stuff there for evidence.

The Spinny-wheel thing, ESG

The way it works is you put it in the room you think the ghost is in, if you see a ghost model T-pose on it, That would be ESG reaction for evidence (Saying stuff like “manifest”, or “show yourself” have a chances for it to activate as well but not all ghost do that). It might will take a long time. And there are ghost that wont show up on ESG if youre near by.

The speaker looking like thing, Spirit box

It’s something for you to talk to the ghost and see if it’s respond. You will need to go to the ghost room, hold down left click and say something like “Can you speak”, “how old are you”. If the ghost icon on the spirit box glows blue and you hear something coming out from it. That would be Spirit box respond for evidence. (If you hear something but the spirit box did not glow that’s not a spirit box respond” )

The compass looking like thing, Ectoplasma Glass

It’s not a compass, when you hold left click it will zoom into the glass. You will need to look for white stain on walls or sofas. Look around the place where the ghost is most active at That would be a Ectoplasma stain for evidence.

Easel Canvas

This one is just easy. Put it in the ghost room and see if the ghost will draw. If it does it would be Canvas drawing as evidence. Same as ESG, It might will take a long time to work

Extra tips

Since you don’t have thermometer yet. You can see if you are breathing out white cold breath. That will be low temperature as your evidence.

Read the ghost type in the journal. The Journal will explain the habits of each ghost and what may trigger the ghost hunt. this will give you extra insight of what they do. Will help a lot when you’re missing evidence and the ghost is constantly hunting.

I doubt I will need to explain what a flashlight does. But do remember you only can hold 3 items in a same time”

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