Deep Rock Galactic – Full Achievements Guide

The hidden achievements are located under the visible achievements starting from “Lone Wolf”. Navigate the guide by CTRL+F or the right side bar with only the names.

DRG Full Achievements Guide

Note: Credit goes to LinusST


Complete your first mission

  • Launched from the mission select terminal, complete at least your primary objective and get to the drop pod in time.

Expert Miner

Complete 100 missions.

  • See “Miner”

Legendary Miner

Complete 500 missions.

  • See “Miner”

Performance Matters

Complete 10 Milestones.

  • Milestones can be found in your own sleeping quarters, and completing milestones earns you perk points to use on perks.

Management Approves

Complete 25 Milestones.

  • See “Performance Matters”

Feelin’ Perky

Unlock 10 Perk Nodes.

  • Perk nodes can be unlocked by spending perk points gained from completing milestones. This is done from the milestone terminal in your sleeping quarters.

Total Makeover

Customize each accessory slot of a character.

  • This includes all 10 customization slots-; Headwear, Armor, Paintjob, Skin Color, Victory Move, Eyebrows, Sideburns, Moustache, Beard and Hair color. These are changed from the Wardrobe after purchasing them from the “Shop”


Purchase five moustaches for one character.

  • Moustaches can be purchased from the “Shop”.

Approved Greenbeard

Complete your first assignment.

  • Assignments can be accepted from the Assignment Terminal, and to complete them, you have to complete a specific mission for each part of the assignment. The current assignment mission is always marked with a diagonal square.

Stepping It Up

Survive a Hazard level 3 mission from start to finish.

  • This should be relatively easy. The difficulty can be changed right before confirming the mission.

Consistent Performance

Successfully complete three Hazard level 3 missions from start to finish in a row.

  • Don’t rush it.

Bring Your A-Game

Successfully complete a Hazard Level 3 mission from start to finish where no dwarf goes down and without ordering a resupply.

  • Contrary to the previous one, do rush this one.


Survive a Hazard Level 4 mission from start to finish.

  • Easier in co-op, preferably 2 or maybe 3 players.

Employee Of The Month

Successfully complete four Hazard Level 4 missions from start to finish in a row.

  • See “Consistent Performance”. Suspending yourself with the Gunner’s zip line or using the Scout’s grappling hook to get away can help.

Like A Well-Oiled Machine

Successfully complete a Hazard Level 4 mission from start to finish where no dward goes down and without ordering a resupply.

  • See “Bring Your A-Game”. Do not stay for secondary objectives.

Going Lethal

Successfully complete a Hazard Level 5 mission from start to finish.

  • Preferrably play with 2 players and use characters that have already been promoted.

Rock Solid

Successfully complete five Hazard Level 5 missions from start to finish in a row.

  • See “Employee Of The Month” and “Going Lethal”.

Karl Would Be Proud

Successfully complete a Hazard Level 5 mission from start to finish where no dwarf goes down and without ordering a resupply.

  • 2 players, promoted dwarves, both preferrably Scouts, don’t forget to use your grappling hooks, go as fast as you can and try to find a short and simple mining mission to do this on.

Movin’ On Up

Promote any Dwarf at least once.

  • You can promote your dwarf after reaching character level 25 and completing it’s specific promotion assignment missions from the character selection terminal.
  • You don’t actually have to complete the assignment mission as the dwarf you’re promoting, instead you can start leveling up the next dwarf.

Corporate Climber

Promote any two Dwarves at least once.

  • See “Movin’ On Up”.

Hat Trick

Promote any three Dwarves at least once.

  • See “Movin’ On Up”.

Full Team Ahead

Promote all four Dwarves at least once.

  • See “Movin’ On Up”.

Silver-Tier Employee

Earn a Silver Promotion.

  • See “Movin’ On Up”. Promote any dwarf four times.


Earn Silver Promotions for all four dwarves.

  • See “Movin’ On Up”. Promote all dwarves at least four times.

Gold-Tier Employee

Earn a Gold promotion

  • See “Movin’ On Up”. Promote any dwarf seven times.


Earn Gold promotions for all four dwarves.

  • See “Movin’ On Up”. Promote all dwarves at least seven times.

Going Deeper

Complete A Deep Dive

  • Deep Dives can be found in the Deep Dive terminal. Deep Dives are basically three missions in one, and the secondary objects are simplified or shortened primary objectives.
  • The difficulties of normal Deep Dives are Hazard Levels 3, 3.5 and 3.5 respective to each consecutive mission.

Veteran Diver

Complete Any 5 Deep Dives

  • See “Going Deeper”. You can complete one normal Deep Dive and one Elite Deep Dive every week.

Elite Diver

Complete An Elite Deep Dive

  • The difficulties of Elite Deep Dives are Hazard levels 4.5, 5 and 5.5 respective to each consecutive mission. Same rules apply as “Going Lethal”

Deep For Speed

Complete Any Deep Dive Under 45 Minutes

  • Secondary objectives in Deep Dives can be time consuming, so leave them out. Think of it as 15 minutes per mission.

Mutated Scavenger

Successfully complete 20 missions tagged with Warnings from start to finish.

  • Warnings are mission mutators that change the difficulty to harder. Warnings can be seen as red indicators when selecting a mission. Warnings also give varying hazard bonuses.
  • Currently, there are nine different warnings: Cave Leech Clusters, Exploder Infestation, Haunted Cave, Lethal Enemies, Low Oxygen, Mactera Plague, Parasites, Regenerative Bugs and Shield disruption.

Now We Have A BET-C

Defeat and fix a BET-C.

  • BET-C can be found in caves accompanied with a distinguishable pulsating sound heard from far away. Once approached, the BET-C will start attacking the players. You must shoot the Xynarch Charge-Suckers from the sides of the BET-C to disable it. After disabling, the BET-C can be re-enabled to fight for the dwarves.

See You Later, Detonator!

Participate in killing 20 Bulk Detonators.

  • You won’t miss them. Shooting them in the glowing balls on its back will do critical damage.

Mini Fixer

Fix 50 Mini M.U.L.E.s.

  • Mini M.U.L.E.s are found in Salvage Operation missions. Each dwarf actively repairing one once it’s finished will get progress towards the achievement.

Big Game Hunter

Participate in killing 40 Dreadnoughts

  • Dreadnoughts are found in Elimination Missions. Shoot the Dreadnought in it’s abdomen to break it’s protective shield to start doing damage. The shield will recharge after a given time.

Pest Control

Participate in killing two Dreadnoughts within five minutes on Hazard Level 3 or higher.

  • Knowing the location of both eggs and having an easy route between them will be helpful.

Just Another Bug Hunt

Participate in killing two Dreadnoughts within 30 seconds on Hazard Level 3 or higher.

  • Break both eggs and fight them simultaneously, damage them enough to be on low HP, and then try to kill them at the same time. 2+ players required, 4 would be the easiest as in teams of 2, where the other player will draw the fire and the other player damages it from behind.


Collect 20 Compressed Gold Chunks.

  • Gold chunks can be found in the ground where there are small gold chunks sticking out of the ground accompanied with a yellow glow.


Collect 10 Bittergems.

  • Bittergems can be found in the ground where there are small purple chunks sticking out of the ground accompanied with a purple glow.

Hi Ho, Silver – Away!

Ride Molly for 15 seconds.

  • Easily achievable when Molly is called back to the Drop Pod after completing a mission.


Ride the Silicate Harvester for 30 seconds.

  • Silicate Harvesters can be found on Dense Biozone, Fungus Bogs and Radioactive Exclusion Zone. They are passive creatures, therefore they will not attack you.

Car Pool

Ride the Silicate Harvester with three other dwarves and kill five enemies without leaving.

  • See “Farmer”. Every dwarf must kill five enemies to get the achievement.

Barrel Rider

Ride a barrel in the spacerig for three seconds.

  • Wedging a barrel to a corner will help.

Good Shepherd

Successfully complete 25 missions where at least 1 player is 10 ranks lower than you.

  • Do your friend a favor and buy this game for them, they’ll appreciate it. Public lobbies also work I guess.

If Only I Got Paid For This…

In the Barrel Hoop game, achieve a score of 3000 or more in less than 100 kicks.

  • Kick the barrel when the hoop goes right to left, as when it’s changing direction on the right side it won’t change speed. You’ll learn the timing after a few tries. Also there is a significant bonus to hitting consecutive shots, and it is lost when you miss or there is too much time between the shots.

Lone Wolf

You’ve completed 10 solo missions. Impressive.

  • The mission has to be selected as Solo, hosting a private mission and playing it alone won’t work.

Bosco, You’re The Best

You’ve completed 100 Solo missions. Most impressive.

  • See “Lone Wolf”

Exploring My Options

You unlocked a new primary and secondary weapon for the same character.

  • New weapons are unlocked by completing their respective assignments from the assignment terminal after your dwarf has reached level 10 for the primary weapon or level 15 for the secondary weapon.

State Of The Art

You purchased a Mod in every tier for one of each upgradable item in the Equipment Terminal for the same character.

  • Every upgradable item means primary, secondary, pickaxe, support, utility and armor rig.

Advanced Robotics

You purchased a Mod in every tier for Bosco.

  • You can upgrade Bosco from the Drone Modification terminal.

I Like It Down Here

You stayed in a mission for an hour or longer.

  • Staying in the Space Rig and then starting a mission should work, though I’m not so sure about that. If you do it in a mission, you need to complete the mission to get the achievement.

Hit ’em Where It Hurts

You scored 1000 weakspot hits. Impressive.

  • Weak spots are usually in the mouth, abdomen or other glowing parts.

Designated Decoy

You took the most damage from a Dreadnought out of your whole team.

  • Be careful not to go down during the fight, or it will not grant you the achievement.

Without A Paddle

You were the last dwarf standing, with no primary or secondary ammo left, just when a Dreadnought spawned. Some days you should just stay in bed…

  • Empty your clips from every weapon, including support weapon and mobility tool. Then empty your grenades and flares, and then break the egg with your pickaxe and the achievement should pop. (Confirmation needed)

It’s My Party

You’ve hosted and successfully completed 50 team missions from start to finish.

  • Self explanatory, and only the host will get it.

What Are These Things?

You’ve collected 5 mysterious alien artifacts. They are hot to the touch, and smells faintly of…tarmac?

  • These cubes are called ERR://23¤Y%/ and can be found in caves with grey pulsating spikes coming from the ground accompanied with a purple glow. As of now, they are extremely rare and don’t do anything.

Big Spender

What a team player. You’ve paid for 25 rounds at the Abyss Bar

  • You can buy Oily Oaf Brew, Glyphid Slammer and Leaf Lover’s Special with only credits and without having to unlock any beer licenses.

Darwin Award

Sacrificed yourself to the Barrel Hoop while intoxicated.

  • Jump through the barrel hoop while drunk.

That’s Not How You Play This Game

Rubbish goes in the bin, not the intricate machinery of the Barrel Hoop!

  • Throw an empty beer keg through the barrel hoop. This can be done slightly easier from under the barrel hoop.

Barrel Kicker

Dat accuracy. You kicked ten barrels into the hoop without a single miss.

  • See “If Only I Got Paid For This…”.

Self Control

Succesfully play 10 consecutive missions without kicking a single barrel on the space rig.

  • Just don’t… It’s not that hard.

Foreign Objects In The Launch Bay

You kicked every barrel into the Launch Bay. You are why Mission Control drinks.

  • Launch Bay, as in under the Drop Pod on the force field.

The A-Team

Through skillful maneuvering, you put a barrel in every seat in the drop pod.

  • Kick them up via the ladder to the Drop Pod, and then make sure the barrels are deep enough in the seats so that they don’t really have space to move around.

Time Well Spent

You stuffed every single barrel on the Space Rig into the drop pod. Management weeps.

  • If the barrels fall down to the Launch Bay, you can get them up via the ladder or the small hole in the wall. The barrels can also sometimes bug out and disappear forcing you to start all over again.

Party Time!

You threw a toast to good music while in a full team.

  • Salute with a full beer keg in your hand by pressing “V”, while music is being played from the jukebox. The timing is relatively precise, so if you don’t get it the first time, just try again.

Happy Feet

You spent an hour or more shaking your money maker.

  • Dance to the Jukebox music for one hour. You can check your progress via View Stats > <Player’s> Leaderboards > Dancing Time > Show. A score of 3600 points is required to unlock the achievement.

Disc Jockey

Play 25 songs on the jukebox. (songs must play to the end to count)

  • The Jukebox is located opposite to the Abyss Bar. You usually get this while doing “Happy Feet”.
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