Deep Rock Galactic – DRG Class Synergy

Just some thoughts how classes combine to help each other.

Scout and Engie

  • Obviously this should need no advice, engie platforms for the scout.
  • Engie should platform everything they can for the scout, the scout then has lots of options.
  • On levels with very long drops consider putting down platforms on the ground for the team to use.
  • Keep an eye on your scout, if he’s dangling throw platforms below him.
  • The engie might want to spec to a tier 2 single turret to cover the scout at a longer range.

Driller and Gunner

  • A powerful combo, these classes are both good for close range swarm work and will be able to deal with enemies effectively.
  • The gunner’s shield can be used to completely block a horde inside a driller tunnel and bunch them up for some juicy det pack kills.
  • The driller can also assist with clearing space and bottle necking enemies.
  • Traversal is also complimentary, with the gunners angle and speed upgrades on his zipline a quick escape down or slower escape up from somewhere really helps get you out of trouble.
  • The driller can also help make ziplining easier for the gunner and assist when he’s out of zipline ammo.
  • If you are the gunner and the driller takes a cryo cannon remember to use your fire grenades wisely if you choose them.

Engie and Driller

  • If the Driller digs at the right angle, an engie’s platform can seal off a tunnel completely and delay swarms
  • Using a tunnel with an engie turret at the start of it you can defend against swarms easier. Be sure to keep moving on higher difficulty though. Doing this (without an exit strategy) can get you cornered and killed easily.
  • Using the breach cutter (3 line) inside a tunnel, is an excellent ammo effective means of wiping swarms especially with the roll back (not sure its name) overclock.
  • At range you may have issues with cave leaches, acid/web spitters and other longer range enemies.
  • As a driller I always spec extra fuel and this makes staying out of trouble and makes egg missions really quick, just be prepared for trouble when enemies spawn inside your tunnel. Your gunner (if you have one on the team) should help with a shield.

Gunner and Scout

  • As both classes have good range options the key is pinpoint and light up any swarms or high priority enemies. The gunner can then focus his fire and wipe swarms more effectively.
  • Scout’s as a general rule shouldn’t go too far out of sight, this rule can be bent more when a gunner can cover the acout at longer range.
  • Both classes have good kiting potential. The gunner has a safe option to get off the ground and out of harms way, something the scout can already do.
  • Ziplines are a fair alternative for higher minerals, not having an engie or having a unreliable engie can cripple your nitra collection. Gunner should be prioritizing ziplining nitra at first to ensure steady supply of ammo (duh) and ziplines.

Engie and Gunner

  • Another powerful combo, platforms will get you down quickly and (depending on the drop) safely.
  • Ziplines will get you back up be sure to spec angle on the zipline.
  • Engie turrets really multiply the swarm clearing power of the gunner, consider speccing for two turrets.
  • The gunner should focus on stronger enemies while the gunner’s turrets handle weaker ones. The engie is then free to collect resources and contribute to bigger and harder targets.

Scout and Driller

  • I don’t have much experience with this combo.
  • Both classes have good traversal options however this usually means splitting up which can be a bad idea.
  • Having field medic equipped can help if you get separated and downed.
  • The scout can attract the swarm to and funnel them to create fast and easy kills for the drillers flame thrower.
  • Take note of each others weapons and grenades, consider not taking cryo grenades as scout if the driller has the flame thrower and vice versa.
  • The Zukovs make very short work of frozen enemies, consider bringing them to compliment the Drillers cryo cannon.
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