Dead by Daylight – Advice for New Killer Adept Achievements

My advice to have easier time getting new Killer Adepts.

Clarification & Purpose

  1. Note that this is just some glorified guide of some what well known advice.
  2. This guide is meant for new and upcoming killers characters and will not guarantee to get achievements.
  3. The purpose is to increase chances and to have less sweaty matches.
  4. This guide is aimed at some what experienced killer players.


Blood points

Yes you heard me. Since you can only use the 3 teachables of the killer, you might want to have matches with perks to tier 3 and good ad-ons. So gather those bps and spend wisely.

Public Test Build Study

Get to know the new upcoming killer that is released on PTB.

You can learn the new killer’s power, ad-ons and even tricks via streamers, content creators or even yourself by joining the PTB.

You get time until it comes to live version.

The Advice

  • Strike when they aren’t prepared.
  • Apart from PTB testers, most survivors will have a learning phase when the new update hits live.
  • That’s when you hit them with your understanding of the new killer and skill.
  • It can be hard when only using 3 teachable perks so the sooner the better before survivors learn counter-plays.
  • Note that not all killers come with great perks so some killers might give you a harder time (eg. The Oni, whose perks are situational or need synergy with other killer perks) (But the killer himself is good)

Some Generic Advice

Be Mindful About Emblems

(Gate Keeper, Chaser, Malicious, Devout)

  • Don’t stay near hooked survivors too much unless in a chase.
  • Try to get 3 hooks of each. A minimum of 9 or more hooks is required. The merrier the better.
  • Interrupt coop gen repairs. If possible don’t let the gens fly fast. Must not let the gates be opened.
  • Never commit to a chase for too long.
  • Go slug heavy if necessary (Don’t let’em bleed out to death tho)
  • Recommended to find the last survivor by slugging the other when there is only 2 remaining.
    (don’t let them bleed out too)

Searching Sneaky Survivors

  • When looking for remaining survivors, try to see afar. Survivors tend to get stealthy when their numbers are few.
  • Crows are your friends. Keep an eye on surrounding and try to catch a disturbed crow.
  • Also pools of blood trails on the ground since they can have Iron WIl and can be walking not to leave scratch marks.


  • Bloodpoints and blood point categories have nothing to do with emblems. So getting 32k points with 8k points in each category doesn’t assure you to get the adept.
  • Adept is easier to get at low ranks/grades due to the way the game gives the Merciless title.
  • Try not to get discouraged from a bad match or a sour end game chat and keep trying.
    Rethink strategies, play styles and fill those emblems to iridescent(red).
    It is not necessary to get 4 iri emblems to get Merciless Killer.

But what about killers who are already in the game?

  • They go the same. Keep trying and find new ways.
  • Most importantly Pray to the Entity.
  • You can find and watch many many informative videos.

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