Darkest Dungeon II – How Does Initiative / Speed Work?

Explanation of Initiative / Speed

Every round the game rolls a D6 for each of the Heroes and each of the Enemies, then it adds their Speed to what they rolled. This is their Initiative. The highest Initiative goes first and then works it’s way down to the lowest.

Note: If you want to know more, read the tips for newcomers to the Darkest Dungeon II.

Therefore, if a Hero has a Speed of 7, and another Hero has a Speed of 1, then (assuming there are no other buffs to Speed in play) the Speed 7 Hero will always go before the Speed 1 Hero.

However, if you had a Hero with a Speed of 5 and a Hero with a Speed of 2, it would be possible for the Speed 5 Hero to roll low and get, say a 6 Initiative (roll a 1 + 5 Speed) and the Speed 2 Hero to roll high and get a 7 Initiative (roll a 5 + 2 Speed).

Meaning the Speed 2 Hero would go before the Speed 5 Hero for that round.

I believe it’s a D6 – someone might need to correct me on that; but this is the basic premise of how Initiative is calculated.

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