Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt For Truth – Black Screen? Mouse Issues?

Hello and good day to you HOG players. As I tried to play this game for the first time i have encountered these issues and i would like to help and share with you how i fixed them just in case i was not the only one having them.

Game on and have a great day!

Black Screen? Mouse is Not Pointing at The Right Place? There are Fixes!

Black Screen

Issue: Only hearing the sound of the game and can only see the mouse courser and a black screen?

Fix: Press ALT+ ENTER to exit full screen mode and play the game in windowed mode.

Mouse Courser Pointing at The Wrong Position

Issue: Mouse is not pointing at the right position? (This happens if you run the game while your desktop having a resolution higher than 1920×1080) and the scaling is not working properly) (High DPI issue) and compatibility mode did not work?

Fix: Change your desktop resolution to 1920×1080 while playing the game.

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