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How to be successful with Clown Gremlin in Dark Deception: Monsters and Mortals.

How-To: Gremclown


Welcome one and all, to the “How To:” series. I’ll be the ringleader today, and today’s performance will be regarding the Gremclown. For those of you who aren’t aware, Gremclown was actually Clown Gremlin’s official name in early Chapter 3. He ended up being renamed “Clown Gremlin” because that was the name most people ended up going by, and to be honest, it fits better.

Historically, the Clown Gremlin has always been a pain in the ass. From the Crazy Carnevil level in Dark Deception, to formerly being the best Monster in Dark Deception: Monsters and Mortals, the Clown Gremlin has quite a reputation under its clown shoes. Speaking of being the former best Monster in the game, he was so good due to having an very high amount of good qualities for a Balanced Monster, reinforced by having a broken Ult at the time. Unfortunately, the show did not go on, as Patch 1.1.5 and Patch 1.3.3 removed the spotlight on the poor clown, making him much easier to manage. However, despite this, a lot of beginner players and experienced players alike still play Clown Gremlin, and he remains a common face to this day. What makes him desirable? Well, let’s get this circus on the road and find out!

Background Info

As stated above, Clown Gremlin is a Balanced Monster. This means he is average at collecting soul shards and engaging in PvP combat. However, despite having generic stats like the rest of the Balanced Monsters, he has several unique traits to separate him from Murder Monkey, Dread Ducky, and Robbie.

The first of these traits is in the form of a giant mallet. This mallet is used for his heavy attack, and similarly to Dread Ducky, it has extended range. Not as much as Dread Ducky’s light hit, but still above average. This allows Clown Gremlin to play the spacing game and hit opponents from a distance while they cannot hit him in return. This move also being a heavy attack is highly beneficial as well, since most players tend to spam heavy attack 99% of the time to begin with. The second trait is that unlike the other three Balanced Monsters, he is the shortest, meaning his hurtbox isn’t as big of an issue. While this may not seem as big of a boon compared to the others, it means he is a pain to hit if he’s constantly swerving and moving, or if lag and/or latency issues are on his side. Finally, he has the ability to attack even when you’re not even close to him thanks to having stage control through the use of his Ult, more on that later. This means Clown Gremlin separates himself quite well from the other Balanced characters, and uses these traits to deadly effect.

If you’ve played this game long enough, you’ll know EXACTLY what Clown Gremlin’s footsteps sound like. Even if you’re just starting out, you can probably guess correctly just based off the fact that clowns tend to wear squeaky shoes in general. This trait makes it very easy to figure out his location and what direction he’s coming from. On top of this, while his Ult’s active, the meter will not reset upon use, only resetting once it’s over. This means he cannot farm the ult consistently as he would like at times, as he has to wait for his current use of it to expire before regaining it. Finally, his ult is entirely rng, so sometimes he’ll get use out of it, other times he won’t due to unfavorable spawns.

Ultimate: Clown Patrol

Remember in Crazy Carnevil Zone 2, where there’s five groups of five Clown Gremlins, and when you were spotted by one, the rest of the group knew your location regardless of theirs? That’s essentially this Ult in a nutshell. Clown Patrol is Clown Gremlin’s Ult, and it recreates that mechanic by spawning five Clown Gremlin Clones around the map for 30 seconds. This Ult had to get nerfed many times since it was really overpowered for a long time.

As it stands currently, the clones will engage against anyone within their aggro range, and they’ll spam light attacks. These do the same damage as the real Clown Gremlin’s light attack, so 30 damage per hit. However, the clones are able to be killed rather easily, using four light hits or two heavy hits. This means that while one clone alone isn’t a threat, a swarm of them can overwhelm players and either kill them or take away a large amount of health. Luckily, the clones do not respawn on death unless Clown Gremlin spawns another batch, meaning it’s a one-time affair per Ult. The best part of this Ult is that due to the clones spawning in random locations on the map and act independently from Clown Gremlin, this Ult can be used anytime, anywhere, with no consequences whatsoever. The clones are also highlighted in white to the player who summoned them, and you can use this to help track down players, as when a clone detects someone nearby, they’ll begin attacking, alerting the Clown Gremlin player to the enemy’s presence to that specific clone.

Power characters not named Vince do not take this Ult well, as the clones can outrun them and take longer to kill since the Power class has a good amount of cooldown on their attacks, meaning being swarmed by them as a Power class may as well be the equivalent of signing your death certificate. On top of this, Ults like Eye of Suffering, Golden Demise, and Slicer Dicer do not hurt the clones despite showing the hurt animation, meaning those will not help free you.

Before Patch 1.1.5, the clones were invincible, meaning you had no choice but to run away from them. When 1.1.5 hit, the clones’ kills now counted as the spawner’s kills, but they could now be killed in five hits, regardless of the attack type. When 1.3.3 came out, the clones’ duration went from 45 seconds to 30, and the amount of hits to kill them went from five to four, heavy attacks counting as two hits. Yeah…this Ult received massive changes over the game’s lifespan

Maze Escape

Despite not being overpowered anymore, Clown Gremlin is a solid choice in Maze Escape due to his extended heavy attack, semi-consistent map control, and just in general being a big nuisance to the Mortal team. However, while he does perform well in this gamemode, the prevalence of Support characters arguably affect him the most compared to other Monsters (alongside Robbie, but that’s for another article) since his average speed means he cannot outrun them, and their quick attack speed can whittle him down if they manage to avoid the mallet. On top of this, their quick attack speed can make short work of his clones, meaning his Ult can potentially be ineffective against them. If the Clown Gremlin player performs smartly around Support classes though, namely through ambushing them and predicting their movements, they won’t pose as big of an issue. Not only that, but Clown Gremlin is notoriously good at squad-wiping entire teams on his own if played properly, as his strong map control and attacking capabilities can shred most Mortals if they aren’t prepared. He can sometimes even get away with item box camping and only attack physically if players come to him. As scummy as the playstyle is, it just goes to show how strong Clown Gremlin is in this gamemode.

In terms of maps, Elementary Evil is a strong choice since the gym is a prime spot to camp item boxes, and the fake portals synergize notoriously well with his clones. Monstrum Madness is a close second since the clones can encourage running away, while the steam traps can punish Mortals who do so. Super Brutes also help out as well since they’re one of the more annoying bosses in the game. Silent Sacrifice is also a good pick since while there’s plenty of space to run from the clones, the Air Screamers and Pyramid Head can be of good use to Clown Gremlin in terms of chip damage to capitalize off of. Monkey Business is very narrow and makes clone swarms extra lethal, but the map doesn’t do much for Clown otherwise. Stranger Sewers is not worth mentioning.

PvP Matchups:

  • Performs Well Against: Doug, Nikson, PenPen, Evans, SuperHorrorBro
  • Performs Decently Against: Borisov, Bierce, Dawko, 8-BitRyan
  • Performs Poorly Against: Vince, Heather, Cybil

Remember when I said Vince was the only Power character that can take the clones well? That’s because if “You’ll See” is activated while he’s being attacked, all damage taken from them gets redirected to the real Clown Gremlin, meaning the clones can indirectly kill their own summoner. That alone makes Vince a hard counter, but Vince is also able to take hits decently and bring punishment in return, making it a risky fight for Clown Gremlin. At least the clones can still defend him from the other two Power Mortals. Heather and Cybil don’t need explaining if you’ve read these guides.

Shard Mayhem

Clown Gremlin retains his status as a strong pick in Shard Mayhem. His heavy attack having extra range allows him to snipe Agatha and Fiend if they choose to engage against him, and he can still comfortably take on most other Monsters. However, his Ult isn’t as good here since the clones have a hard time killing healthy Monsters due to their increased health compared to the Mortals. That doesn’t mean they still can’t secure him kills if they’ve been sufficiently weakened or if they happen to be a Power Monster, as swarms are still quite dangerous to Monster players too. Overall, not a whole lot to say here. Clown Gremlin’s good at fighting people and the clones are not as good, but still powerful if they manage to swarm players.

Phantom Malak and bosses being a threat now still annoy Clown Gremlin just as much as every other Monster in Shard Mayhem does. Primal Fear being available for everyone else is also not funny for the Clown as well, as that means he may be the one telling the joke, but might not be around to deliver the punchline.

PvP Matchup:

  • Performs Well Against: Murder Monkey, Gold Watcher, Clown Gremlin (himself), Malak, Brute
  • Performs Decently Against: Agatha, Nurse, Robbie, Dread Ducky, Fiend
  • Performs Poorly Against: ???

Dread Ducky might be the closest to a bad matchup Clown Gremlin can get thanks to Ducky Surprise and a light attack with range. However, without Ducky Surprise available, Clown Gremlin performs very well since it has a ranged attack of his own that also happens to be his heavy attack, and the Clown Clones can get in the way and take longer to kill than normal thanks to Ducky having to use its light attack to kill them unharmed. Other than that, Clown Gremlin has good matchups against the good majority of the cast, and is just all around a good choice for the mode.


Clown Gremlin is a Balanced Monster with a good amount of tricks up his sleeve, and these tricks are enough to not only separate him from his Balanced bretheren, but also net him a spot as at least an A tier Monster. He has range on his side, and it effectively reaches the entire map thanks to Clown Patrol spawning more of him across the map. While the clones themselves are easy to dispatch, they are also extremely dangerous if they manage to group up. Ever since the game came out, Clown Gremlin was a constant controversy, as he was easily the most dominant Monster in the game prior to his nerfs, and had a stranglehold on the Monster meta. I’d say his nerfs were justified, as he was very annoying to face and many people wanted action to be taken. Took a few patches, but Clown Gremlin is no longer a controversial character (at least nowhere near as bad), while remaining a popular pick for newbies and pros alike. If you like what he has to offer, don’t be scared to give him a try. He’s a lot of fun to play, as long as you don’t play scummy and camp like a degenerate.

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