Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls – Gameplay Tips

Hi, as the title suggests, this is just some tips I thought of while doing my 100% playthrough of the game


  • Right off the bat, make sure that if you’re using a keyboard and trackpad that you can press both mouse buttons at once, this is necessary to progress (if not, I suggest use a controller).
  • If you have any experience with action/shooter type games then this is kinda redundant but always be on guard for when a Monokuma might pop up, especially in long hallways or around corners.
  • Try to aim for Monokumas’ red eye as this will guarantee a gold coin drops (50-150 coins depending on your equipped skills and difficulty level) and OHKOs all but Junk Monokumas if I remember correctly.
  • Dance bullets are one of your biggest allies if you want to do the previous tip, as you should have a clean shot, except for on Destroyer Monokumas.
  • I didn’t even need to use Genocide Jack where it wasn’t mandatory but if you are then unequip her upgrades before the shrine in Chapter 4.
  • Save regularly and before every arcade room you can, therefore you can just exit the game upon dying/failing to preserve an A rank in the chapter.
  • My most used bullets for combat were Break, Paralyse and Dance.
  • Burn bullets kill regular Monokumas in 8 shots and are unaffected by hitting them in the eye, IDK how many it takes for other Monokumas.
  • Some arcade rooms might be very strict in how you do them, where you need to stand etc and seem as though you failed even if you did it right, a simple rule of thumb is to avoid being seen as much as possible
  • For the final upgrades, I chose to grind Monocoins on the roof at the start of Chapter 1 on Despair difficulty trying to aim for the eyes. There you fight 10 regular Monokumas who, if you have all money upgrades equipped and Despair difficulty grant 150 per Monokuma, making up to 1500 per reset. If you skip dialogue and cutscenes as quick as possible this should give you enough for all things in the Skill Shop before an hour of grinding.
  • You do not need to complete the gallery to gain every achievement.
  • If you don’t get Monokuma Genocider and Level 99 before you get all the Monocoins you need, try sitting around in the very start of Towa Factory in Chapter 4, don’t even kill the first Siren Monokuma just kill the regulars with burn bullets until you gain both of the aforementioned (you’ll be given a drop of 50 more burn bullets in the middle once you fall to 10 or less)
  • For the arcades with the singing children and patrolling Beast Monokumas, the visual cue should turn purple when you’re next to the singing child.
  • At the climax, repeatedly choose “Don’t break the controller” until you have no other option but to break it.
  • In the final battle, the colour of Big Bang Monokuma’s eye will correspond to the kind of truth bullet you need to use.
  • 2 more Bling Bullets become available only in the postgame, which will require a total of 13333 monocoins for the 2 of them alone.
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