Cyclo Chambers – Top Items and Item Synergies

A list of my favourite items and item synergy combinations! I have unlocked all items and finished all achievements, after I reached those milestones I decided to make this guide!

Warning: Spoilers included, you may read about items that you have not unlocked!

Top 5 Items and Item Synergies

My ultimate guide on the best items in the game! This game offers some super whacky and unique item effects, I hope my suggestions here can help you learn something!

After clearing all achievements and unlocking all items in the collection, I have created a list of my favorite items and combinations. These tips can help you get overpowered in the game, and can help you learn how to have more successful runs!

You will hear tips about how to start a run the best way, how to make money (cells), where your should spend your cells, and how a good build looks like. If you are having trouble beating this game, look no further!

Essentials & Honorable Mentions

Before we start, there are some items that I will mention that are not super interesting, but needed for every run to be successful.

  • Attack damage + Crit Damage
    • Dry Bones, Prehistoric Egg, Ox Horn, Yak Horn, Mallet, Sledgehammer
  • Fire Rate
    • Pills Fever, Pills Hallucination, God’s Workout, Crosshair
  • Projectile Increase (more bullets per shot)
    • Hacksaw, Double Hacksaw
  • Weapon Increase (shoot in more directions)
    • Holster, Double Holster

Top #5: Hope Cards

There are several Hope Cards in the game and they give you HUGE upgrades to your character, as long as you keep your HP above a certain percent. (Starts at 85%, can be reduced if you pick up multiple of the same card)

The beauty of these cards is that it gives you a FULL HP HEAL when you pick it up, so you get to enjoy the perks of the cards immediately and you are rewarded for good game play if you can keep your HP high.

My suggestion is to pick up 1 of each Hope Card if possible, instead of picking up multiple of the same card. This is because the duplicate card pick up will only reduce the amount of HP required to activate the card, but it will not increase the perks from the card itself.

Top #4: Coin Flip + Gambling Addiction

Coin Flip: Gives you a 50% chance to keep a reroll when you reroll in item selection or shop.

Gambling Addiction: Heals HP whenever you reroll. (Starts with 3HP per reroll)

This combination will help you stay alive, or help you keep the Hope Cards activated (mentioned in last tip) Rerolls are somewhat rare to pickup in this game, so getting the Coin Flip item already adds value since rerolling the shop is how you get OP in this game. You usually have a LOT of money by end game, but you cannot spend it unless you can reroll the shop when it’s empty.

Then, when you add Gambling Addiction, this item combo will let you heal when you reroll. Heals are rare in this game too, so these items will let you heal and help you get more items from the shop.

Top #3: Tacky Adhesive

Tacky Adhesive is an item that makes your projectiles stick to the ground after you shoot them, instead of disappearing.

This is great because it increases the DPS of each of your shots, and this effect even happens on your special shots. Basically, your shots become little traps that kill oncoming enemies, and creates a lot more space for you to move around.

There are some characters that do very well with this item, especially the Deadwalker. He is a melee character with a small range – this item increases your range in a way, and I personally found it was the best item on him. Try this item out on any character you are struggling with!

Top #2: The Sprinkler

The Sprinkler is an item that shoots every 3 seconds, where you will shoot the sprinkler out and it will shoot 12 of your projectiles then disappear.

The thing that makes this item so amazing is that it acts as a projectile itself. So any special projectile effects you have picked up will apply to this item!

For example, if you have Meiosis (splits your projectile into 2 after it is shot), the Sprinkler will take this effect too. So you will shoot the sprinkler, it will shoot 12 shots, then the sprinkler itself will split into 2, and shoot again!

This item can get super OP with a lot of projectile effects attached.

Top #1: Full Belly / Blossom + 10 Shooters

For this combo, you will need 1 or more of the following:

  • Full belly: Shoots a bullet every time an enemy is defeated
  • Blossom Blossom: 7% chance that a defeated enemy will shoot 4 bullets when it dies.
  • Blooming Blossom: 7% chance that a defeated enemy will shoot 8 bullets when it dies.

Then, you will also need 1 or more “10 Shooters” as well. 10 Shooters are the items that shoot special projectiles after you shoot 10 times. (ex. Deka, Pirate Cannonball, Sharp Teeth, anything with the description “With every 10th projectile you fire, you will also shoot…”)

Normally the 10 Shooters need you to shoot 10 shots from your normal gun before it activates. Even with a huge Fire Rate, you probably won’t see it too often.

However, the Full Belly and Blossom items count as a projectile every time it activates. That means, when you start killing enemies and the Full Belly / Blossom activates, it creates a chain reaction where your 10 Shooters start shooting REALLY fast, and you start killing more enemies with all those shots, and the 10 Shooters keep activating from that.

This combo was part of my most OP runs in this game. View the video to see the potential here, you become a COMPLETE GOD and become untouchable if done right!

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