Cyberpunk 2077 – Simple Steps to Try for FPS & Overall Performance

Try these simple steps to improve your Cyberpunk gaming experience. Mainly intended for Windows + Nvidia users.


After spending roughly 12 hours I have found the best settings for game performance to gain at least 60fps most of the time, and I will try to explain it here just in case it could help other players who have similar problems as me.

After spending my first 6 hours with fps averaging on 40fps, I tried tweaking stuff to gain performance to no avail, until I found a solution that works for me after spending a lot of time in options.

For note, I am playing on 1440p resolution with i7-9700F + RTX 2070S.
While in the game I tried my own test on a place where I barely got 40-45 fps even though it is not even a crowded place. While doing tweaking I noticed that my fps didn’t even change after setting the preset to Low and believed that it is an optimization issue rather than my own PC.

In-Game Steps

Eventually I made it work by doing steps as below:

  • 1. Choose the preset that you expect your rig should be able to run on. In my case I choose Ultra, no ray tracing.
  • 2. TURN OFF Film Grain and Motion Blur. These step already gave me about 3-5 fps gain at most.
  • 3. Set Cascaded Shadows Range and Cascaded Shadows Resolution to LOW. Now this is where the charm works. Turning those options to low literally gave me at least 10fps average with unnoticeable change in overall graphic quality (at least for me and I think you won’t notice it too until you started to nitpick).
  • 4. TURN ON DLSS. Set it to AUTO. This is also a huge part of fps gain. The reason why I don’t put it to performance is because the graphic will massively degraded and inventory and map screen became too blurry.
  • 5. Last but not least, after setting the options, EXIT the game and relaunch it. Don’t just quit to the main menu, but quit the game completely and relaunch from Steam. I assumed some settings are not applied properly even if you quit to main menu based on my experience.

Additional Steps for Nvidia Users

Further steps to be taken outside of the game settings for Nvidia users:

  • 1. Check your Nvidia game driver and make sure it is the latest. This is very important as I missed the update on my first 3-4 hours of the game before I noticed there is actually a new driver available, and by installing it, it mitigates a few of the performance and graphical glitch issues.

Additional Steps for Windows Users

Further steps to be taken outside of the game settings for Windows users: (as for note I use Windows 10 myself, version up to date):

  • 1. Press Windows > type “graphic” > click on Graphic Settings. TURN ON ‘Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling’. Need to restart PC for it to take effect.
  • 2. Press Windows > type “game mode” > click on Game Mode Settings. TURN OFF the Game Mode.
  • 3. On the same window, click on Xbox Game Bar, then TURN OFF the Xbox Game Bar.
  • 4. On the same window, click on Captures, then TURN OFF ‘Background Recording’ and ‘Recorded Audio’.

Closing Words

That’s all I have for now. I hope all those steps above will improve your own Cyberpunk experience as it did for me. It might help, it might not, but no harm in trying it. So please just try it and see if it improves your game.

Additional info, my friend who use AMD CPU + RTX 2060 also confirming that setting Cascaded Shadows Range and Cascaded Shadows Resolution to LOW does improve her fps performance as well.

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