Cyberpunk 2077 – Perfect Melee Build (Blunt or Blade) / Level 50

The perfect, min-maxed build for melee, whether you’re going with blunt or blade!

So at the time of writing this I have 65 hours played and have beaten my first playthrough. I learned a lot about what’s useful and what isn’t. This guide should be basically spoiler free, unless you consider knowing what a couple pieces of cyberware are as a spoiler.

The Build

Let’s get straight to it. If you just want to know what attributes to take and what the build is, I’m about to hit you with it.

At level 50:

  • 20 Body
  • 20 Reflexes
  • 20 Cool
  • 6 Technical
  • 5 Intelligence

Though the build is technically perfect at 49 with 4 Intelligence.

The reason you want Technical to 6 instead of Intelligence, is because at 6 Crafting you unlock new recipes. No clue what they are, but it’s gotta be better than the grand nothing that 6 Intelligence gets you.

Technical and Intelligence

The levels in Technical and Intelligence are purely for perk points. You want to level skills you don’t intend to use just for perk points.

I have yet to actually make this build myself though, so for all I know, by the time you get everything leveled up just under Body Reflexes and Cool, you may have more than enough perk points to get EVERYTHING you want. I have no clue. You could be short even after squeezing out the last points from Technical and Intelligence. But more is better, right? You’ll find something to use them on.

Because if you’re playing on a higher difficulty, chances are you won’t be pure melee. You’ll be using some guns too. So maybe grab some faster reload perks or something.

What if I’m Blunt? Why Do I Need Reflexes?

Besides the crit chance and evasion from Reflexes itself. There’s a couple perks in blades that will still be useful to you. At 4 there’s one that gives you extra armor while moving. At level 8 there’s one that restores stamina when you dodge.

Reflexes weapons (handguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles) are also way more useful than the LMG/HMG (super wasteful on ammo) or the shotgun (which is very meh outside of extremely close range).

But the REAL reason you still want Reflexes is because of cyberware. There’s lots of great cyberware locked behind Reflexes levels. Particularly the cyberdeck which slows time by a lot for a good amount of time. That’s really necessary on higher difficulties, and I believe it a better option to the berserk deck.

Things such as kill to heal and increased crit chance, just a couple examples of really good reflexes cyberware.


Don’t overlook the Cool attribute, like I did on my first playthrough. I just didn’t even really look at the Cold Blood skill tree. There’s so much amazing stuff in there for melee builds…

  • Armor buffs
  • Damage with melee weapons
  • Attack speed
  • Less damage taken
  • Immunity to bleeding, poison, burn and shock at 20
  • Movement speed
  • Resistances
  • Health regen

It’s great.

Priorities while Leveling

Focus on Body and Reflexes, since that will unlock cyberware for you. There’s great perks under Cold Blood, sure, but I don’t think they’re as good as proper cyberware. Up to you though, just my recommendation. I could see putting reflexes on the backburner if you’re a blunt build.

Keep in mind while you’re leveling that your skills are obviously limited by the attribute level. So for example, putting Cool on the backburner until last will have you locking Stealth and Cold Blood for a long time. That’s a lot of wasted XP. Same problem if you put Reflexes on the backburner. It’s a tradeoff between getting higher level perks and cyberware earlier, and not having any wasted XP. I’d say you could probably get perk points faster though, by making sure none of your skills get limited by their attribute.

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