Cyberpunk 2077 – Kerenzikov Dodge Speed Glitch

This guide explains the Kerenzikov dodge speed glitch to obtain mach 10.

Getting Started / Prerequisites

Before you begin on your quest to become the fastest Bionicle in Arkham City you will need to obtain a Kerenzikov cyberware mod which can be found at most ripper docs for 1000 eurodollars. This mod will go in your nervous system slot and allow you to enter slow motion upon dodging while simultaneously aiming or blocking.

How to Obtain Mach 10

Bug Explained

As the Kerenzikov’s description says, you must aim or block while dodging to enter slow motion. I tend to initiate the slow motion while blocking with my katana and double tapping my W key. Once you have entered slow motion press your C key as fast as possible. This initiates multiple slides within the span of an in game second which is released all at once upon exiting slow motion. When the slow motion nears its end and the screen begins to zoom out you will want to jump. Jumping will ensure you maintain your momentum as the only force that can stop you now is friction a brick wall and if you’re lucky enough maybe a truck. The dodge is multi-directional and allows you to jump mid air if you dodge off a cliff allowing for some janky moves. Try it out and see what you find.


  • Block / Aim and double tap directional key to dodge and initiate slow motion
  • Spam C key as much as possible (the more the merrier)
  • Before slow motion ends jump to ensure minimal momentum loss
  • Continue to jump inbetween next Kerenzikov boost
  • Chain boosts together and become unstoppable

But What about Mach 20?

If you ever have a spare 45,000 Eurodollars you can attach the Reinforced Tendons allowing you to double jump which serves two purposes. Firstly it is much easier to dodge the city riff raff and secondly you lose less momentum over time as you’re basically a jet at this point.

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  1. Just returned to the game after patch 1.2 dropped and I had been using this to speed around the city all the time, it is unfortunately pathched now 🙁

  2. “Before you begin on your quest to become the fastest Bionicle in Arkham City …”

    Why does it say Arkham City?!

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