Cyberpunk 2077 – FPS Fix (Nvidia)

Just a quick guide to address some of the FPS issues. Tried to add this as a discussion but the moderator team thought it needed reviewing first, so this might actually help in comparison.

Graphics Settings

1. For starters, choose a preset that matches the ability of your graphics card.

  • Low End GPU = Medium Preset
  • Medium Grade GPU = High Preset
  • High End GPU = Ultra Preset

If unsure, start with Ultra and work your way down, performing the steps each time.

2. Switch off RTX and make sure DLSS is turned to AUTO. This makes virtually no difference to the graphics quality but more than doubles the FPS.

3. If needed, especially when using the Ultra Preset, you may want to tweak a few settings to get a few more frames.

  • Film Grain = Off
  • Chromatic Aberration = Off
  • AA = 8x or less

Also, bring down a step or two the Shadow settings and Volumetric Fog.

Done correctly you should now be playing the game at between 40 and 80 fps (or even higher).

Keep in mind, by low end I don’t mean a 970 gtx. Anything that ancient you might need to delve into the Low settings presets.

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