Cuphead – How to Get Ms Chalice Golden Skin (The Delicious Last Course DLC)

Did you know that Ms Chalice has a different skin that is looking more shiny? If not, now you do!

Guide to Get Ms Chalice Golden Skin

Cactus Lady

If you wander around the map, you will see a cactus lady next to a campfire. She will say that she wants to tell the tale of something something when you interact with her. The tale she wants to tell will be different and random for every player.

For example, she came up with this one for me.

It’s basically, she is telling you what boss you have to beat (with Ms Chalice) each time you come to her.

“The pirate walking the plank”

She already gives you an obvious clue about what boss you have to beat (with Ms Chalice…). This one will be Captain Brineybeard for me.

I had to fight 10 different bosses, you probably will have to do the same as well.

Each time you beat a boss, you back to her for the next clue. And you gotta do it until the campfire is on fire.

When it’s on fire, go to Settings > Visual and turn Filter to Chalice

That is how you turn it on and off.

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