Crab Champions – Useful Tips

Just some things I’ve noticed throughout a longer run.

Gameplay Tips

A perk stack limit is 255.

Past a certain level All you can eat is useless because it tops out at 97 seconds, way before you hit 255 of them.

You can stack the greed perk that says one less item in a chest all you want, you are still given at least one item without big chests.

Max crystals is in the 2,250,000,000 area and then it resets to 0 and starts counting again.

The shop puts out random items, If you go to 255 special deliveries, It will give you like the base 4+255, however since there isn’t 259 perks in the game you actually get little podiums with prices but no items. Unfortunately as we’ve seen in the past a decent chunk of 4-5 perks are just casually in the wall of the shop. Furthermore i cant tell if its random or not, but the water shop has two maps. I think the first biome’s shop has deep water which makes see on the shop take forever, but the snow biome’s shop has low tide and you can explore the whole shop quickly. I may be wrong about the biome influencing the tide I honestly didn’t pay that much attention outside of noticing the deepness of the water changes.

The mirrored projections challenge doesn’t work if you one shot everything because they cant mirror if they are dead.

When choosing perks like triple shot/ x shot/ square shot, if you ever reach 100% chance it seems to only give you one of those options so if possible try to stack the one you prefer.

You can actually ruin the homing shot by having too high of fire rate/ or alternatively super slow bullets from over stacking big shot, they wont lock on properly depending on your elevation if they lock on at all. So if you are running something like the assault rifle and have like 20 super charged and 20 juiced with some fast shots/light shots it ruins Homing shot entirely.

Once you got your main damage perks online its better off to get rid of extra perks like targeting shot/aura shot/etc If you are trying to stack things like Assassin the auras/lower damage perks hitting them first will interfere with your one shot.

You can still get a flawless even if you have something like the greed perk where you take damage you lose maximum health. For example, Walking into a poison slug’s poison will apply poison to you, ignores your shield, procs the greed perk and lowers your health, but it wont take your flawless for some reason.

Chests do seem to be skewered towards helping you stack a perk you already have, So when Care package drops for example 130 chests with only 1 perk in it instead of the standard 3 (the greed perk that lowers the amount of items in your chest). If you have poison shot, you have like a 5/6 chance a chest you open will have poison shot, So if you are doing a run and wonder why you have 30 spiral shots, the chest is actively trying to help you build on preexisting perks so its better to just not pick up spiral shot at all if you’d prefer another perk over it.

The game is pretty realistic to actual crabs so you can dodge side to side way quicker then you can flip forwards or backwards, this is actually a very efficient in horde modes where you are just trying to get your flawless if you dont have the dps to keep anything off of you. Just angle yourself in a way where you can side strafe and abuse immunity frames, Also guns with an aim you can use mid air to replenish you dash. For example you can slide, jump, dodge left/right, aim, stop aiming and then dodge again.

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