Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Launch Option Codes to Increase FPS

How to Increase FPS

Launch Option Codes to Increase FPS:

  • +fps_max 0 (Removes FPS limitation)
  • -high (Sets the game’s process priority in windows to high)
  • -novid (Disables the intro that was shown when opening the game)
  • +mat_queue_mode 2 (It provides an increase of fps according to most users, I recommend it works too)
  • -nojoy (Disables joystick detection)
  • +r_dynamic 0 (In short; dynamic lighting optimization (+ fps)
  • -console
  • -threads (You choose how many cores of your processor to use Example: If your processor has 8 cores-> -threads 8)
  • -fullscreen (Above Name)
  • +cl_interp 0 (+ fps)
  • +cl_interp_ratio 1 (+ fps)
  • +cl_updaterate 128 (128 tick setting + fps)

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