Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Improving the Crosshair in AWP

Crosshair in AWP


Today you will learn how you can improve your AWP sight in CS:GO using two useful commands, these are commands that will reduce the shake of our sight while moving with the scope on.


These are the cl_bobamt_lat and cl_bobamt_vert commands.

The default value of these commands is 0.45 and 0.35. We can reduce this value down to 0.1 in both commands, thanks to which our sight will shake less. It is useful mainly when you lean around the corner with the scope on.

How to Use It?

So – To set the minimum possible value of these commands, turn on our console in the game – the ~ key (If the console does not start, we have to turn it on in the game options.) And then we type in it.

cl_bobamt_lat 0.1 and cl_bobamt_vert 0.1, From now on, our sight is significantly improved and we should have a bit more fun playing with AWP.

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