Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – How to Unlock Overwatch

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Hello! You probably want to unlock Overwatch yes? Ok here is how you unlock.

How to Unlock Overwatch

First you need to have Gold nova 1+ (No silvers).

If you have Gold nova 1+ and you’re asking “Why dont I have Overwatch yet?”

Beacuse next thing you need is 150+ wins in Matchmaking.

“But I have 150+ wins o_o”

You need 350+ Hours in csgo (not correct but around 350+)

“I have 350+ hours too and no OVERWATCH!”

Well if you are VAC banned you of course can’t unlock Overwatch. Thats the problem 🙂

Short Answer

  • Gold nova 1+
  • 150+ Matchmaking Wins
  • 350+ Hours
  • Not banned account

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