Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – How to Lower VAR / SV when Playing with Bots (Custom Lobby)

Hi, a long time ago I ran into this problem. When playing in my lobby on ANY card, whether it was a mirage, or cards from a workshop where BOTS are present, my VAR and SV, it just started to go off scale.

Fixing VAR / SV

It’s commonplace, routine workouts with a lot of bots, became a complete hell.

I solved the problem, but at that moment I was solving one another.

My console received a lot of spam during the game, these “red signs” probably had a bad effect on my FPS, and therefore I decided to find the root of these problems. So, a couple of commands below fixed both problems at once.

  • sdr_spew_level 0 (if that doesn’t work, chances are 3 instead of one will help)
  • net_client_steamdatagram_enable_override -1
  • net_steamcnx_allowrelay 0
  • net_steamcnx_enabled 0
  • net_steamcnx_enabled 0

After these commands, my var and sv decreased much.

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