Counter-Strike 2 – Hidden Console Commands Lobby Screen

Hidden Consol Commands for Counter-Strike 2 | New | Update!

These Hidden Agent Commands Work in CS2

These hidden agent commands work in CS2 and other people can see them!

  • First unlock the DEV consol
  • Then type in the console commands
  • Than change lobby player skin… and back again


-ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t grenade0
-ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct grenade0


-ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t grenade1
-ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct grenade1

He Grenade

-ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t grenade2
-ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct grenade2


-ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t grenade3
-ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct grenade3


-ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t grenade4
-ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct grenade4

Riot Shield

-ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t heavy5
-ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct heavy5

Kevlar Vest

-ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t equipment0
-ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct equipment0

Kevlar Vest And Helmet

-ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t equipment1
-ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct equipment1


-ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t equipment2
-ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct equipment2

Defuse Kit

-na t side
-ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct equipment3

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