Core Keeper – Simplified Cooking / Cheatsheet to Quickly Understand What to Cook!

Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed by the 1700+ dishes with unique sets of buff values! This simplified overview will help you understand, at a glance, what ingredients will be best for you to cook together.


The buffs from each ingredient in cooked food are the same no matter which other ingredient they are cooked with. Or which order. So, instead of trying to explore all 1700+ unique dishes, simply consider which buffs compliment and have similar duration. Thus avoid wastage from overlapping or unwanted buffs and unused duration (when re-applying buffs).

Buff vs Duration Table

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  • (a) Cooked food takes on the highest of each buff value across both ingredients.
  • (b) Eating multiple different foods does not stack buffs of the same type. Last applied overwrites!
  • (c) All cooked food helps refill the food bar to some extent (from 2 to 31). See table below.
  • (d) Most fish give (from 2.1 to 5.2) health per second for 20s, in addition to their main effects (above).
  • (e) Golden vegetables grow from seeds planted with chance from “Expert Gardener” skill.
  • (f) “Master Chef” skill gives chance bonus cooked food has Rare (25%) or Epic (50%) increased stats.

Supplementary Info (Health/s, Food, Fishing Chance)

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“Health Per Second” and “Food” values are shown by ingredient but are only given by eating the cooked food item they are in.

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