Contract With The Devil – Independent Achievement Guide (Second Playthrough)

How to Get Second Playthrough

Method 1: Delete Files

This method is for Windows users. I advise you to not skip any steps even if they do not seem important.

  • Launch game.
  • Click the “Not you? click here”.
  • Create a new profile with a new name you’ve never user before in this game.
  • Delete all other profiles.
  • Open options, set game to windowed mode by removing the fullscreen option.
  • Exit game and relaunch game to confirm it starts in a window, then exit again.

The next steps are for deleting the files and confirming the deletion resolved your issue.

  • On your PC, go to:
    • C:\Users\YOURPCUSERNAMEHERE\AppData\Roaming\Az-Art\Contract with the Devil
  • If you don’t know your username on your PC, search your PC: for %appdata%, open the folder, and then look at the filepath in the previous step to make your you’re in the right place.
  • Highlight everything inside the [Contract with the Devil] folder, then, while holding down the SHIFT key on your keyboard, permanently delete the items.
  • If you did not hold down the shift key while deleting, go to your recycle bin and delete them from there.
  • Launch game. If it plays in fullscreen mode and asks you to create a profile, you are successful.

From here, you can either replay the game entirely, or you can keep creating profiles and playing until completing the first HO scene (then abandon that profile and start a new one). I don’t know how many total Hidden Object scenes there are, but this is effective if you don’t want to replay the entire game.

If you have troubles following this guide.

Method 2: Play on a New PC

If you have a PC that you’ve never played the game on, you can install the game and play it there.

Method 3: Copy and Replace Files

If someone has not used any hints in their playthrough, and stops playing at the beginning of the final act with wrath and lust, you can replace your files on your PC with a copy of theirs.

I do not have a save I can share so you will need to have access to another person’s file.

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