Content Warning – Where to Find Saved Recordings

This guide is a basic explanation on how to save recordings and where to find them on your desktop.

Guide to Find Saved Recordings

Note: Credit goes to mglidden752

How Do You Save Recordings?

Skip to section 2 if you know how to save recordings

Step 1: Equip your Camera & Record Footage

  • Assuming you’ve already played the game, this step is the bare basics. But, I will still go over it quickly.
  • Begin your game and take the camera. Then, go into the level and record using [LMB].
  • Make sure that at least one person returns with the camera.

Step 1.1: Return your Footage & Convert to Disc

  • This step is also simple. Drop your camera into the machine using [Q], then await until it dispenses a disc. Pick up the disc.
  • After picking up the disc, you’ll want to run back to the house.

Step 1.2: Save your Recording

Finally, insert the disc into the TV inside the house and watch the footage. When the footage it over you’ll be given the options to Save To Desktop, Replay, or Close. Click “Save To Desktop” then “Close”. Your recording will now be saved to your computer.

Where to Find Recordings on your Desktop

This guide assumes you are using Windows 10 or Windows 11

Step 2: Open File Explorer

  • You’ll want to open File Explorer on your computer. Then, navigate to “C:\Users(Your User)\OneDrive\Desktop”. Also just known as the Desktop tab.
  • You’re likely to find the recordings here. If not, search for them using the search bar.

If you’re still unable to find your recordings in Desktop, navigate to your Home tab in File Explorer. Use the search bar to search for “content_warning”. Your recordings should show up here.

Step 3: Open in Browser

Finally, you’ll want to open the video. The videos are saved to “.webm”, which means they must be opened in a browser. Select the video and right-click it. Hit “Open with” and choose a browser of your choice (I use Opera GX). Your browser should automatically open another tab with your video.

You’ve successfully saved your video! Now go out there and share your thrilling adventures!

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