Company of Heroes 2 – Soviet Lead Lease T-34 Semi-loophole

This is just a guide on how to use the Soviet Lead Lease Tactics to make T-34s a lot faster than normal.

The Basics

The Lend Lease Tactics is a commander for the Soviet Union, focusing on using weapons and supplies from the Western Powers (USA) and combining them with the Soviet Union. It’s description is to “Take the weapons from the Western Powers and combine them with Soviet tenacity to form a formidable force. Utilize resources delivered from the West to fuel vehicle production, and then overwhelm the enemy with imported Sherman tanks.” The commander’s abilities is to requisition sherman tanks, deploy a mg team, deploy guards troops in a half track, drop fuel caches, and allow your conscripts to repair vehicles. However, we need to focus on the Allied Supply drop, which you get after reaching four command points. This is a incredibly powerful ability when timed right, as you can call in that key T-34 or SU-85. In this probably not helpful guide, Im going to show you how to use this to produce a lot of T-34 in a shorter amount of time.

The Ability

The Allied Supply Drop ability drops fuel onto the targeted area, but the cargo plane carrying it is Extremely vulnerable to anti-air units like the Flakpanzer Ostwind and the Flak cannon in OKW after deploying
the Schwerer Panzer HQ and enabling Panzer Authorization. However, once the fuel drops (preferably in your base), you can get a minimum of 30 fuel, plus more with RNG. The T-34 construction loop can only commence if you capture enough points (I’d say around half the map or a little less) because of the 100 munitions cost AND you need around 50 fuel BEFORE you call it in or else it wouldn’t help a lot.


  1. Capture half of the map (and you don’t really need to build fuel caches as half the map will be enough)
  2. Make sure you can effectively defend to those victory points, you wouldn’t want to lose cause you were too busy making your tanks.
  3. Get 4 command points.
  4. Get the Mechanized Armor Kampaneya
  5. Call the fuel drop while you are at around 280 manpower and 50 fuel, the ability takes some time.
  6. Capture the fuel, and then you should be able to call in a T-34
  7. Attend to your other matters while the tank is building.
  8. Rinse and Repeat.

And that’s it! (Note I only tested this on Standard AI so idk if this will work in PVP).

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