Color Circle – Achievements Walkthrough Guide

Here is the complete game walkthrough with all achievements.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Destroyed Segments Achievements

Segments are the color shapes that you hit with your ball. Destroying 500 segments will unlock 3 achievements.

Aim and Shoot

  • Destroy 50 segments.

Fanatic Discolorizer

  • Destroy 250 segments.

I See Dead Colors

  • Destroy 500 segments.

Collected Gems Achievements

Above your ball will be a gem with a specific color. Destroying a segment with the gem’s color will collect the gem. If you take too long to hit the gem with the right colour, it’ll disappear – this applies to classic and endless mode. Collecting 50 gems will unlock 3 achievements.

Gem Lover

  • Collect 5 gems.

The Collector

  • Collect 10 gems.

I Am Rich!

  • Collect 50 gems.

Classic Mode Achievement

The classic mode has 16 levels and completing all of them gives you an achievement.

Colors Accomplished

  • Finish Level 16 in Classic Mode.

Endless Mode Achievement

The endless mode is a random generator level mode where your score goes according to the individual segments destroyed. Scoring 50 will unlock 4 achievements.


  • Score 10 in a single Endless Mode game.


  • Score 20 in a single Endless Mode game.

Bull’s Circle!

  • Score 30 in a single Endless Mode game.

Gold Circle Hit

  • Score 50 in a single Endless Mode game.

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