Colony Survival – Building Tips

Tips for Building

  • There is no thing like “too many resources”, especially when it comes to building. Its better to have poop ton of extra resources than have to wait for them to be crafted when you want to build something.
  • When looking with the banner at hands, Red area = Zombie spawn zone. Green area = Zombie cant spawn zone.
  • Wall 2x high wall or 2x deep ditch around your Colony region to prevent zombies just freely walking inside. Remember to leave point of entry so “Siege mode” will not activate causing more resources to be consumed.
  • Create a “Maze-like” entry for the zombies to walk through into your Colony.
  • It’ll slow down their progress enough for your Guards to kill them before they enter the Colony areas.
  • Keep an eye out for the night time zombies in the early morning and your Guards timing to leave. Once your colony is large enough and there are a lot of zombies attacking, your night Guards might end up leaving for sleep because its early morning, but zombies might still be coming. You dont want to mistakenly ignore that and end up having your Colony eaten alive.
  • Also do not under estimate the zombie attacks, you can quickly be overwhelmed.
  • Gold ore can be found at the big tall mountains with snowy peaks.
  • If you find a big “Mammoth tree”, there are some resource(s) too.
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